Grant Recipients, 1978-Present

Congressional Research Grant Recipients, 1978-Present

The Dirksen Congressional Center has awarded 506 grants totaling $1,161,574 since 1978. The table below lists grant recipients, the institutions with which the recipients were affiliated at the time of the grant award, their project titles, the year of the award, and the amount of the grant.

Name Institution Project Title Award Year $ Amount Awarded
Adler, E. Scott Columbia University Institutional Change and Policy Change in Congress 1993 2500
Adler, E. Scott Columbia University Changing the Rules of the Game: Distributive, Informational, and Partisan Approaches to Congressional Reform 1994 1000
Aigner, Peter-Christian City University of New York Daniel Patrick Moynihan and the Shaping of Modern Liberalism: Urban Poverty, Foreign Policy, and the Democratic Party, from JFK to Clinton 2012 3500
Ainsworth, Scott University of Georgia Managing the Senate Floor: Leaders and Unanimous Consent Agreements 1991 500
Albert, Zachary University of Massachusetts Amherst, Department of Political Science Policy Ideas and Advocacy in the Extended Party Network 2018 2594
Algara, Carlos Claremont Graduate University Senate Quality Candidates and Institutional Change: The Role of Political Experience in Shaping Election Outcomes Before and After Direct-Election 2020 3500
Allen, Michael J. Northwestern University The War's Not Over Until the Last Man Comes Home: The Politics of Body Recovery in the Aftermath of Vietnam, 1969-1998 2001 1590
Allen, Michael J. Northwestern University The Confidence of Crisis: Congress Confronts the Imperial Presidency, 1968-1992 2012 3150
Allen, Neal Wichita State University Successfully Navigating the Politics of Race in the 1950s and 1960s: Future Congressional Leaders and Civil and Voting Rights Legislation 2013 2969
Arenberg, Richard A. and
Robert Dove
Brown University; Other Soul of the Senate: Defending the Filibuster 2010 3500
Arnold, R. Douglas Princeton University The Logic of Congressional Action 1981 1000
Arnold, R. Douglas Princeton University The Logic of Congressional Action 1982 3000
Arnold, R. Douglas Princeton University The Elements of Legislative Accountability 1994 2750
Arthur, C. Damien Marshall University The Constitutional Fight for the Power of the Purse: Robert C. Byrd’s Entrepreneurial Defeat of the Presidential Line Item Veto 2015 3230
Azari, Julia and Amber Wichowsky Marquette University Punishing Partisanship: Congressional Leaders, Presidents, and the Dilemma of Compromise 2014 3430
Babitzke, Cari S. Boston University Man, Machine, Myth: The Politics of Gun Control in the Twentieth Century U.S. 2019 3070
Bader, John University of California, Washington DC Minority Party Leadership in the U.S. Senate 1997 1950
Baer, Emily Caitlin University of Minnesota The Democratic Study Group: Party Factions and the Development of Congressional Leadership 2014 3500
Baker, Ross Rutgers University The Therapeutic Uses of the Party Caucus: The Use of a Party Panel to Foster Participation, Cohesion, and Member Satisfaction 1985 2500
Baker, Ross Rutgers University House and Senate: The Two Chambers Compared 1986 1500
Baker, Ross Rutgers University The Role of Congressional Leaders in the Reduction of Political Exposure 1991 2000
Baker, Ross Rutgers University State Mates: An Exploration of the Relationships of Senators from the Same State 1996 1500
Baker, Ross Rutgers University The Organization and Conduct of the United States Senate in Circumstances of Partisan Deadlock 2001 2000
Balla, Steven George Washington University The Delegation Decision: Congressional Creation and Organization of Bureaucratic Advisory Committees 2000 2400
Ballard, Andrew and Spencer Dorsey American University; Duke University Social Media and Divisive Rhetoric in Congress 2019 3450
Baron, Kevin Austin Peay State University Info Wars: Congressional Response to Executive Privilege, the Middle Years 2020 3500
Barrett, David Villanova University Senator Richard Russell and Congressional Oversight of the Central Intelligence Agency, 1947-1970 1994 1500
Barrett, David Villanova University Confronting Democratic Dilemmas: Congressional Oversight of the CIA in the "Era of Trust" 1998 1500
Barry, John Journalist Speaker Jim Wright 1987 3000
Barry, John Journalist Speaker Jim Wright 1988 2500
Barton, Richard Cornell University Party Institutions and Legislative Decision-making on Economic Policy 2020 3375
Basinger, Scott J. University of Houston Congressional Scandals and Media Coverage: A Database for Researchers 2012 2250
Baughman, John Bates College The People’s House: The Antebellum Origins of the Electoral Connection 2014 3490
Bean, William "Joe" Kent State University How Domestic Politics in the 1952-1962 Senate Elections Influenced the Votes by 25 Republican Senators to Ratify the Limited Test Ban Treaty of 1963 2021 2750
Beckmann, Matthew N. University of Michigan Presidential Lobbying: How the White House Promotes the President's Preferences on Capitol Hill 2002 3500
Beckmann, Matthew N. University of California, Irvine Assessing Washington’s Arranged Marriage: Presidents and Their Party’s Congressional Leaders 2010 3500
Bekafigo, Marija Anna University of Southern Mississippi Change and Continuity Among Party Leaders and Committee Chairs in the U.S. House, 1949-2010 2012 2500
Berg, John C. Suffolk University The Congressional Black Caucus Budget and Black Leadership in the House of Representatives 1988 2000
Bernstein, Jeffery Eastern Michigan University Using Character-Playing Simulations to Improve Instruction on Congress 1998 2040
Berry, Michael John University of Colorado Legislative Oversight Continued: The Post-Chadha Veto 2007 3500
Best, Rebecca University of Missouri, Kansas City The Double Bind and How Female Veterans are Changing the Face of Congress and the Country 2019 3500
Bezark, Michelle

Northwestern University

"A Bill for Better Babies": The Sheppard-Towner Act and Building the Modern Welfare State

2019 3350
Bianco, William Pennsylvania State University The Partisan Content of Presentations: Do House Members "Take the Party on the Road?" 2001 3117
Bianco, William Indiana University Measuring a Sea Change in the Modern Congress: The Decline of Credit-Claiming 2019 3400
Biles, Roger East Carolina University The Conscience of the Senate:  The Life and Liberal Crusades of Paul H. Douglas 1999 1315
Black, Dr. Jason

University of NC at Charlotte

Congressional Petitions and Memorials as a Resource for Decolonizing US Indigenous Politics 2022 4500
Bloodworth, Jeff Gannon University Heartland Liberal: The Life & Times of Speaker Carl Albert 2019 3350
Blumenthal, Seth Boston University Party Man: Bill Brock and the Rise and Fall of the Republican Moderate 2020 1950
Boatright, Robert G. Clark University The Development of Congressional Primary Elections 2013 2500
Bobelian, Michael Baruch College The Prize: Warren, Johnson, Nixon and the Making of the Modern Supreme Court 2016 2635
Bond, Jon R. Texas A & M University Congressional Leaders, Constituency Service, and Institutional Maintenance 1988 1500
Bookmiller, Robert J. Millersville University Present Throughout "The Creation": Tom Connally, the Senate Foreign Relations Committee and the Shaping of U.S. Foreign Policy 2019 3500
Borrelli, Stephen and Terry Royed University of Alabama Party Pledges, Party Leadership and Public Policy in the U.S., 1977-1995 1997 2500
Bosso, Christopher J. Northeastern University Into the Third Century: A Survey of Congress and Its Future 1986 500
Bowen, Michael University of Florida Fight for the Right: The Quest for Republican Identity in the Postwar Period 2007 1925
Bowen, Michael Westminster College The Watergate Babies and the Transformation of the Democratic Party 2012 2873
Box-Steffensmeier, Janet and Alison Craig and Dino Christenson Ohio State University; Boston University Cue-Taking in Congress: Interest Group Signals from Dear Colleague Letters 2013 3500
Brainard, Lori A. Brandeis University The Limits of Deregulation:  Politics and the American Television Industry 1996 1300
Branton, Regina Rice University Candidate Emergence, Racial and Ethnic Heterogeneity, and Competition in Congressional Elections 2002 3000
Brenes, Michael Hunter College, CUNY Reform and Reaction: Hubert H. Humphrey in the U.S. Senate 2016 3420
Brown, Lynne New York University House Democratic Leadership in the 100th Congress 1985 2000
Brown, Lauren Erin Marymount Manhattan College Cold War, Culture War, War on Terror: The Art of Public Diplomacy in the Post-Cold War World, 1989-2010 2020 3500
Browne, William Central Michigan University How Congress Decides: The Changing Dimensions of Agricultural, Rural, and Related Environmental Policymaking 1991 1500
Browning, Robert X. Purdue University Committee Leadership and Policy Environments 1983 1000
Brune, Lester Bradley University Historiographic Materials on Congress and the Korean War, June 1950 to July 1953 1994 500
Burden, Barry Harvard University The Discharge Rule and Majoritarian Politics in the House of Representatives 2002 3100
Butler, Lawrence Princeton University Getting to 218: Strategies for Building Winning Coalitions in the House of Representatives 1998 1500
Buzard, Kristy Syracuse University Lobbying and Legislative Uncertainty in the US Congress 2021 3500
Caldeira, Gregory A. and
Samuel Patterson
Ohio State University The Social Matrix of Senate Leadership 1991 1500
Calhoun, Charles East Carolina University Congressional Leaders and Republican Party Ideology in the Late Nineteenth Century 1990 1000
Campbell, Colton University of California Congressional Ad Hoc Commissions: Not Just Blame Avoidance 1995 2000
Campbell, Colton and Nicol Rae Florida International University Ignoring Electoral Outcomes: House Judiciary Committee Republicans and the Clinton Impeachment 2000 3420
Campbell, Karl University of North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin and the Road to Watergate 1989 500
Campbell, Karl University of North Carolina Senator Sam Ervin and the Road to Watergate 1990 2000
Campbell, Kristin Texas A & M University Congressional Elections, the Media, and Public Distrust of Congress 1998 2500
Campisano, Charles Ohio State University Senatorial Opposition to Lower Federal Court Nominees and the Blue Slip 2011 3425
Cannon, James M. Eisenhower Centennial Foundation How Congress Shaped Ford the Man and Minority Leader, and Ford the President 1990 1500
Canon, David T. University of Wisconsin Unconventional Lawmaking in the U.S. Congress 1992 1000
Carnes, Gretchen Penn State University Issue Avoidance Among Members of the U.S. House 2004 3500
Carnes, Nicholas W. Princeton University Social Class and Congressional Leadership 2009 3500
Carroll, Celia Emory University The Impact of Congressional Caucuses upon Deliberation in the House of Representatives 2000 3500
Carroll, Royce A.  and Henry A. Kim Rice University; University of Arizona Changing Congressional Rhetoric, Polarization, and the Breakdown of Organizational Parties in the U.S. House 2008 2500
Carson, Jamie L. Michigan State University Strategy and Choice in 19th and Early 20th Century U.S. House Elections 2003 3100
Carter, Daryl A. East Tennessee State University Civility & Character: Sen. Howard H. Baker, Jr. and The Rise of the Republican Party 2015 3500
Carter, Jeff University of Mississippi Congress and the Financing of U.S. Interstate Wars 2016 1641
Chandra, Mridu Independent Researcher SAUND vs COCHRAN 2023 8971
Chatterjee, Soumi and Shawn Patterson UCLA Warriors as Politicians: The Effect of Combat Experience on Congressional Voting 2016 3500
Chaturvedi, Neilan S. University of California, Irvine Surviving the Ideological Center: The Influence of Moderates on Lawmaking in the Senate 2013 3500
Chase, Kerry and Allan Kessler Tufts University; University of Texas, Austin Globalization and Representation: The Trade Votes of Members of Congress 2002 2502
Cho, Grace University of Michigan Congressional Representation of Noncitizens: A Case Study of Immigrants 2007 3400
Choate, Jean M. Iowa State University William Lemke and the National Farmers Process Tax Recovery Association 1991 1000
Clark, Jennifer University of Houston The Difference Women Make: How Gender Shapes Agenda-Setting and Policy Success in the Contemporary Congress 2011 3250
Clausen, Aage Ohio State University Policy Positions of Congressional Party Leaders 1979 1500
Clawson, Rosalee and
Jonathan Morris
Purdue University A Rocky Relationship: The Public, the Press, and the U.S. Congress 1999 3000
Clinton, Joshua D. Princeton University Lawmaking and the U.S. Congress, 1935-2006 2007 3475
Cohen, Jeffrey E. University of Illinois Congressional Control of the Bureaucracy: A Test of Two Theories 1986 2500
Cohn-Postar, Gideon Northwestern University "Mind How You Vote, Boys": Economic Voter Intimidation and the Crisis of Workplace Democracy in the Late-Nineteenth Century United States 2019 2900
Collier, Ken University of Kansas White House Relations with Congress 1991 1400
Collins, Nancy Walbridge Columbia University Congressional Intervention: Historic Leadership of National Security Reforms 2013 2973
Collins, Paul M. and Lori Ringhand University of North Texas May It Please the Senate: Supreme Court Confirmation Hearings and Constitutional Change 2011 3477
Connelly, William F., Jr. Washington & Lee University The Permanent Minority Status of House Republicans 1991 1500
Connelly, William F., Jr. Washington & Lee University The Roots of Legislative Strategy in American Political Thought 2002 3061
Conway, Kevin American University Party Defectors on Roll Call Votes in the U.S. House 2000 3500
Cook, Mary Etta Congressional Research Service Comparison of the Committees in U.S. House of Representatives 1985 500
Cook, Timothy E. Williams College Committee Assignments and the Origins of Policy Change 1979 400
Cook, Timothy E. Williams College Newsmakers, Lawmakers, and Leaders: The News Media and Congressional Leadership 1984 2000
Crosson, Jesse Trinity University (San Antonio) Local Congressional Attention in an Era of Nationalized, Partisan Politics 2020 3480
Currinder, Marian University of Florida The Institutional Effects and Political Implications of Outside Lobbying on the U.S. House 2000 2445
Curry, James M. University of Utah Knowledge, Expertise, and Committee Power in Congress 2015 2652
Dancey, Logan University of Minnesota Restoring Congressional Integrity: Legislative Responsiveness to Citizens’ Concerns 2010 1133
Dark, Taylor Brookings Institution Congressional Leadership and the Role of Interest Groups: The Case of Organized Labor 1990 2000
Dearborn, John Yale University The Representative Presidency: Development and Durability 2017 2700
Dearborn, John Yale University Strategic Preferences and American Political Development: Congress and the Origins of U.S. Federal Tax Policy, 1909-1916 2020 3000
Deason, Brian S. Southern Illinois University Eye of the Storm: A Political Biography of Senate Majority Leader Scott W. Lucas 1999 1990
Deering, Christopher and Steven Smith George Washington University Policy Leadership in the New Congress 1981 1000
Deering, Christopher and Steven Smith George Washington University House Majority Party Leadership and Committee Composition 1982 925
DeGregorio, Christine American University Mapping the Congressional Leadership Terrain 1989 2000
DeGregorio, Christine American University Leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives: Do Parties Matter? 1998 3000
DeGregorio, Christine American University Reconsidering the Power of Congressional Member Organizations in the U.S. House, 1992-2002 and 2007-2010 2010 3500
Delgadillo, Charles E. University of California, Santa Barbara Forged Between the Wars: The Reform Alliance in Peace and War, 1919-1941 2008 1000
Demessie, Menna University of Michigan Navigating Boundaries of Blackness: Congressional Caucuses and Minority Representation of African Immigrants in the United States 2008 3450
DeWitt, Darin California State University, Long Beach Time Allocation Across the Senate Election Cycle 2016 3500
DeWolf, Rebecca American University Equal Status versus Equal Rights: Congress, the Equal Rights Amendment, and Gendered Citizenship in America, 1920-1960 2012 3500
Dickerson, Kitty University of Missouri, Columbia Influence of Pressure and Counter-Pressure Groups on Congressional Leadership: Textile Trade Legislation 1987 2000
Dodd, Lawrence Indiana University The Learning of Legislative Mastery: A Study of Former Legislators 1984 2500
Dodd, Lawrence University of Colorado Electoral Mastery and District Demography: A Study of Current Members of Congress 1986 2000
Dodson, Debra Rutgers University Gender Difference, Institutional Constraints, and the Representation of Women's Interests in Congress 1996 3000
Dominguez, Casey Byrne Knudsen University of California, Berkeley Before the Primary: Party Participation in Congressional Elections 2003 3500
Donohue, Kathleen University of North Carolina Balancing Acts: Congressional Power, Executive Privilege and the Public's Right to Know 2004 3500
Downes, Edward J. Boston University Press Secretary: The Story of Capitol Hill’s Image Makers 2011 3435
Downs, Michael Mississippi State University A Matter of Conscience: John C. Stennis and the Vietnam War 1989 500
Drucker, Julie University of Wisconsin, Madison Opportunities for Action: Informal Leaders in the House of Representatives 1985 500
Duffin, Diane University of Missouri, St. Louis The Structure of Congressional Oversight and Allocative Strategies in the Executive Branch 1995 1500
Duffin, Diane University of Nebraska, Kearney Nontraditional Career Paths to the U.S. House 2000 1850
Dull, Matthew University of Wisconsin, Madison Information, Control, and Congressional Oversight: Delegation and the Government Performance and Results Act, 1993-2003 2003 3260
Dunn, Marika-Eugenia Rutgers University Representation in Majority Minority Congressional Districts through Constituency Casework 2009 3310
Endersby, James W. University of Missouri Congressional Leadership and the Electoral Connection: Henry Clay, Thomas Reed, and Champ Clark 2018 3500
Entin, Kenneth California State College The Leadership Network in the House of Representatives 1981 1000
Eshbaugh-Soha, Matthew J. University of North Texas The Impact of Presidential Speeches on Congressional Committees, 1989-2004 2008 3400
Evans, C. Lawrence College of William and Mary Archival Research on the House Republican Whip Process, 1960s-1990s 2011 1050
Evans, C. Lawrence and John Gilmour College of William and Mary Congressional Leaders, the President, and Veto Bargaining 2002 3000
Evans, Diana Trinity College The Impact of Committee and Subcommittee Leaders on Interest Group Policy Success 1990 2000
Ewell, William H. University of North Carolina Institutional Power and Budget Outcomes in American Government 2008 3140
Fails, Eleanor Duquesne University The American Congresswoman from 1970-Present 1987 1887
Farrar-Myers, Victoria University of Texas, Arlington The Money Career: The Changing Notion of Institutional Leadership in the U.S. Congress 2000 3312
Farrell, John A. The Boston Globe Tip O'Neill: A Biography 1999 3000
Farrell, John A. Independent Author Senator Edward M. Kennedy 2020 3500
Fastnow, Christine University of Iowa Principals, Agents, Partisans, and Leaders:  Toward a Theory of Minority Party House Leadership 1994 1000
Feeley, T. Jens University of Washington Partisanship and Policy Learning in the U.S. Congress, 1987-1998 2000 3500
Feinstein, Brian D. Harvard University Congressional Oversight of the Bureaucracy: Motives, Targets, and Consequences 2008 3500
Felton, Peter University of Texas J. William Fulbright's Leadership of Senate Opposition to the 1965-1966 U.S. Intervention in the Dominican Republic 1992 450
Fenno, Richard University of Rochester Research on the Explanatory Process in Senate Campaigns 1991 2000
Fett, Patrick Vanderbilt University Presidential-Congressional Politics and the President's First Year Legislative Agenda: Carter, Reagan, and Beyond 1988 2000
Fett, Patrick Vanderbilt University The President's Legislative Communications with Congress 1992 1000
Finocchiaro, Charles Michigan State University The Role of Party and Committee Leaders in Pre-Floor Decision-Making 2001 3089
Finocchiaro, Charles University of South Carolina Party Leadership and Member Resources in the Institutionalizing House 2014 3150
Flehinger, Brett Harvard University The LaFollettes and the Progressive-New Deal Connection 1993 2500
Fleming, James S. Rochester Institute of Technology The Congressional Career and Leadership of Barber B. Conable, Jr. 1989 2000
Forgette, Richard and Brian Sala Miami University;
University of Illinois
The Emergence of Legislative Leviathan: Party Leadership in the Post-Bellum House and Senate 1995 800
Fortner, Michael Javen Claremont McKenna College Crack and the Congressional War on Drugs 2022 4963
Fowler, Linda Syracuse University Unseen Candidates: Ambition, Parties, and the Local Tradition 1985 1775
Frantzich, Stephen U.S. Naval Academy Congressional Leadership Video 1984 2150
Frantzich, Stephen U.S. Naval Academy Congressional Leadership in the C-SPAN Era 1994 1200
Frantzich, Stephen U.S. Naval Academy Making a Difference: Citizen Courage in a Cynical Age 1998 1900
Franz, Michael University of Wisconsin Conditional Party Resurgence and Interest Group Influence on Congressional Party Leadership 2002 2425
Franz, Michael M. Bowdoin College Congressional Oversight of Campaign Finance 2008 2010
Free, Laura Cornell University Gendering the Constitution: Congress, Woman Suffrage and the Framing of the Fourteenth Amendment, 1865-1866 1997 2778
Freeman, Douglas and
Ray Young
Valdosta State College Information Quality, Congressional Leadership, and Foreign Policy Decision Making 1990 1000
Freeman, Joanne B. Yale University The Field of Blood: The Culture of Congress in Antebellum America 2003 3450
Frisch, Scott East Carolina University A New Look at the House Republican Committee Assignment Process 1999 1225
Gaines, Brian University of Illinois Where's the Party? American Voters and Parties in Ideological Space 1996 2500
Gaines, Brian
Sin, Gisela
University of Illinois The Strange, Connected Cases of the Vanishing Speaker and the Disappearing Discharge Reform 2017 3500
Garcia, Jennifer R. University of California, Irvine From Protest to Policymaking: Black Legislative Strategies in the Post-War Era 2015 3280
Garrett, R. Sam American University Campaigns, Crises and Communications: Decision-Making in Congressional Campaigns 2004 3500
Garrett, Shennette M. University of Texas, Austin The New Deal and African American Banking in the South 2009 1251
Gaskin, Thomas M. Everett Community College Senator Richard B. Russell and Lyndon B. Johnson: Death of A Friendship 1988 500
Geiger, Shirley M. University of South Carolina The Effects of Environmental Change on Leadership Interactions and Decision Making in Subcommittees of the House Committee on Appropriations 1991 1000
Gelman, Jeremy University of Nevada, Reno Funding as Influence: Senate Coalitions in the Appropriations Process 2017 3500
Gelman, Jeremy University of Nevada, Reno Tracking Congress’s Curable Policy Agenda 2021 3000
Gerrity, Jessica Indiana University Congressional Behavior and Interest Group Influence: The Case of the Abortion Issue 2005 2637
Gervais, Bryan University of Texas, San Antonio The Digital Homestyle Archive: Establishing a Perpetually Updated Database of Congressional Tweets 2016 2500
Gibbons, Patricia Independent Researcher The US Government and the Vietnam War: Executive and Legislative Roles and Relationships 2023 2500
Gibson, James L Washington University, St. Louis Re-conceptualizing the Legitimacy of the United States Congress: New Evidence, New Approaches 2006 3500
Gibson, Martha University of Connecticut Structure, Power and Policy: U.S. Trade Politics and the Unintended Consequences of Congressional Reform 1997 2500
Glaser, James Tufts University Southern Congressional Candidates and the Washington Outsider Campaign 1998 2500
Goldberg, Robert A. University of Utah Barry Goldwater and the Shaping of Modern America 1990 1000
Goodliffe, Jay Brigham Young University Campaign War Chests in Senate Elections 2001 3350
Gordon, Joshua University of Florida Partisanship and the Destabilization of the House Appropriations Committee: Internal Social Disintegration and External Decline, 1994-2000 2001 2500
Grant, J. Tobin Ohio State University Ordinary Lawmaking 2000 3300
Green, Matthew N. Yale University The Influence of Party Leaders in the U.S. House of Representatives 2002 2400
Green, Matthew N. Catholic University of America Influence Without Power: The Challenge of Minority Party Leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives 2010 2250
Green, Matthew N. and Jeffrey Crouch Catholic University of America; American University Newt Gingrich: A Profile in Oppositional Leadership 2017 2380
Grimmer, Justin and Matthew Blackwell Harvard University It’s the flow, not the stock: Congressional Staff and Their Influence on Policy Outcomes 2010 2000
Grose, Christian Robert Lawrence University Congressional Leadership as a Valence Issue: Do Legislative Leaders Use Distributive Policy to Deviate from Constituents? 2005 3200
Grover, William Saint Michael's College The Congressional Progressive Caucus and the Policy Process 1997 1000
Guth, James Furman University Religion on Capitol Hill: The Case of the House of Representatives in the 105th Congress 1999 1820
Haala, Cory Marquette University The Progressive Center: Midwestern Liberalism in the Age of Reagan, 1978-1992 2018 1000
Habel, Philip University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign The How, When, and Why of Policy Change: The Case of the Minimum Wage, 1937-2000 2004 3500
Hale, John F. University of Oklahoma Party Factionalism in Congress: The Case of the Democratic Leadership Council 1992 1000
Hall, Richard L. University of Michigan Institutional Change and Committee Decision Making in the United States Congress 1989 1000
Halperin, Terri Diane University of Virginia The United States Senate: The World's Greatest Deliberative Body, 1789-1821 1996 2600
Halperin, Terri University of Richmond The United States Senate, 1789-1833 2020 3500
Hammond, Susan Webb American University Informal Groups and Congressional Leadership 1981 1000
Hammond, Susan Webb American University Informal Groups and Congressional Leadership 1982 1000
Hammond, Susan Webb American University Informal Groups in Congress 1985 500
Hand, Mark University of Texas Hiring and Firing in Political Campaigns and Congressional Offices 2020 3500
Harbridge, Laurel Northwestern University Bipartisanship in a Polarized Congress 2010 3500
Harbridge, Laurel and Yanna Krupnikov Northwestern University The Role of Gender in Legislative Compromise 2013 3303
Hardt, Jan C. University of Maryland Strategies in Congressional Leadership Campaigns 1992 1000
Harris, Douglas Johns Hopkins University The Speaker's House: Partisanization, Institutional Representation and Party Leadership in the U.S. House of Representatives, 1960-1994 1995 1500
Harris, Douglas University of Texas at Dallas Public Leadership in the U.S. Senate, 1950-2000 2000 2500
Harris, Douglas University of Texas Party Press Secretaries in the House and Senate, 1980-2000 2001 3000
Harris, Douglas Loyola University Maryland The Public Congressional Leadership of Senate Democratic Leader George Mitchell 2015 2933
Harris, Douglas Loyola University Maryland Selecting Senate Leaders 2017 3500
Harris, Keith Purdue University Creative Protection: Capitalism and Governmental Authority in U.S. Tariff Politics, 1789-1860 2021 3250
Harvey, Diane Hollern University of Maryland Congressional and Presidential Authority: Public Attitudes Toward the Separation of Powers 1996 1725
Harvey, Diane Hollern George Mason University Who Should Govern? Public Preferences for Congressional and Presidential Power 1998 1000
Hatcher, Andrea C. Vanderbilt University The Senate Majority Leader as Senator: Representational Effects of Leadership 2005 3100
Heberlig, Eric Scott University of North Carolina Paying to Play: Campaign Money, Institutional Ambition, and Political Parties in the U.S. House of Representatives 2005 2250
Heilig, Peggy University of Illinois A Leader's “Constituency Career”: Did National Visibility, Redistricting and a Close Call Change the Home Style of Robert Michel? 1985 950
Henderson, John Yale University Downs’ Revenge: How Polarized Incumbents Persuade Voters and Win Elections 2016 3500
Hennefeld, Carolyn Mohr University of Colorado Congress and Social Movements: Political Learning and the Civil Rights, Women's, and Environmental Movements, 1920-1990 1994 1500
Henning, Maye Johns Hopkins University The Politics of Incorporation: An Examination of US Citizenship and Imperialism in the 20th Century 2020 3206
Herrick, Rebekah Oklahoma State University Seniority and the Lost Leadership of Women House Members 1999 1512
Hertel-Fernandez, Alexander and Leah Stokes and Matto Mildenberger Columbia University Power, Perceptions, and Policy: A Study of Legislative Staffers 2016 3500
Hess, Stephen Brookings Institution The Main Street Senate 1987 2000
Hibbing, John University of Nebraska Careers and Behavior in the Modern House of Representatives 1986 3000
Hill, James P. Central Michigan University Quis Custodiet Ipsos Custodes? (Who Will Regulate the Regulator?) 1983 1500
Himmelberg, Robert Fordham University Congress as the Crucible of National Politics, 1923-1932 1985 1000
Hines, Eric University of Iowa Strategic Appointments to Conference Committees in the U.S. Congress 2003 2558
Hirsekorn, Shelley C. Cornell University Interest Group Behavior and the Institutional Development of Congress: Health Insurance Policy from 1991 to 1998 2006 3340
Hitefield, Aaron University of Georgia Nationalization, Out-of-District Campaign Finance, and the Decline in the Incumbency Advantage 2021 3500
Hixon, William University of Rochester Majority-Party Leadership and the Committee System in the U.S. House 1997 2500
Hoffman, Bruce Ohio University Citizen Crime Commissions, the Congress, and Criminal Justice Reform 2020 3460
Hofman, Steven Brookings Institution The Role of House Leadership and Informal Groups in the Policy Process in the House of Representatives 1989 2000
Hollander, Craig B. Johns Hopkins University Capitol Crime: Congress, Politics, and the African Slave Trade, 1789-1860 2009 3260
Hooper, Kevin S. University of Oklahoma Seizing Citizenship: African Americans, Native Americans, and the Pursuit of Citizenship in the Antebellum United States 2019 2825
Howard, Connie Indiana University of Pennsylvania Who in the World is Jeanette Rankin? 1992 1000
Howard, Nicholas University of North Carolina Issues, Members, and Obstruction: Holds in the Senate 2012 2650
Hua, Whitney University of Southern California When They Go Low, We Go Lower: Reexamining Negativity in Congressional Tweets 2020 3500
Huder, Joshua C. University of Florida Cycles of Opposition: Reform Politics and Congressional Development, 1878-2009 2010 3500
Huelskamp, Timothy American University From the Ground Up: Committees on Agriculture in the United States Congress 1994 1500
Hulsey, Byron University of Texas Everett Dirksen and the Modern Presidents: Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, and Johnson 1998 1644
Hunt, Valerie University of Washington Congress, Courts and Changes in U.S. Immigration Policy 2000 3395
Irwin, Lewis Yale University Evaluating Change in Successful Legislating: Product, Process, and Strategies in the Modern U.S. House of Representatives 1996 3000
Jacobs, John San Francisco Examiner California Boss: The Life and Times of Phillip Burton 1989 1000
Jacobs, John San Francisco Examiner Ain't that a Bitch!: The Life and Times of Congressman Phillip Burton 1990 500
Jenkins, Jeffrey Michigan State University Can Party Leaders Influence Congressional Roll-Call Voting?: Evidence from the Civil War Congresses 2000 1346
Jenkins, Jeffrey University of Virginia Investigating the Determinants of Landmark Economic Legislation 2010 3500
Jenkins, Nicholas University of California-Riverside An Institutional Capture Theory of Interest Group Influence 2021 3400
Jenner, Robert E. University of Maryland FDR's Republicans: Congressional Supporters of the President's Foreign Policy, 1935-1941 1993 2500
Jensen, Laura S. University of Massachusetts Congress, the Petitions of the People, and Representation in the Early American Nation 2005 3500
Jewell, Malcolm and Marcia L. Whicker University of Kentucky; Virginia Commonwealth University Comparing the Leadership Styles of Congressional and State Legislative Leaders 1991 1000
Jeydel, Alana American University Political Elites, Social Movements and Changing Political Opportunity Structures: The Three Waves of the Women's Movement 1996 750
Jochim, Ashley E. University of Washington Responsive Policymaking and Partisan Political Conflict 2011 3453
Johannes, John and
John McAdams
Marquette University Congressional Leaders' Constituency Relations 1981 1000
Johannes, John and
John McAdams
Marquette University Congressional Leaders' Constituency Relations 1982 1150
Johns, Andrew L. University of California, Santa Barbara Hawks, Doves, and a Wise Old Owl: The Republican Party and the "Democrats'" War in Vietnam, 1960-69 1999 1710
Johnson, Marc Independent researcher Giants in the Senate: Mansfield and Dirksen in the 1960s 2020 3400
Johnson, Robert David Arizona State University The Government Operations Committee and American Foreign Relations, 1956-1968 1994 2500
Johnson, Robert David Arizona State University The Government Operations Committee and American Foreign Relations, 1956-1968 1995 1400
Jones, David R. Baruch College, CUNY Why Do Americans (Still) Love Their Congress Members So Much More Than Their Congress? An Ideological Explanation of Fenno's Paradox 1999 660
Jones, Frank L. U.S. Army War College Power and Prerogative: The Political Leadership of Senator Sam Nunn 2015 3482
Jones, James Columbia University The “Last Planation”: Racial Stratification and Segregation in the United States Congressional Workforce 2013 3500
Jones, Kenneth Saint John's University Congressional Leadership and the Poliomyelitis Assistance Act of 1955 1989 1000
Kaiser, Frederick Library of Congress Congressional Leadership and Foreign Policy 1982 1000
Kaiser, Frederick Library of Congress Changing Roles of a Congressional Committee Chairman: "Doc" Morgan of the House Foreign Affairs Committee 1990 1000
Kalaf-Hughes, Nicole and Russell Mills Bowling Green State University Vegan Pork: Congressional Letter-marking and the Allocation of Distributive Benefits 2015 3500
Kanthak, Kristin University of Arizona The Effect of Ideology-Based Leadership Races on Legislators’ Behavior 2005 3400
Kassel, Jason University of Florida Organizational Change and the Institutionalization of Congress: Understanding Antebellum Era Alterations to the U.S. Capitol Building 2004 3440
Katsky, Clay Silver University of Texas, Austin Opening Secrets: Congressional Oversight of the CIA, 1975-1988 2019 3500
Katznelson, Ira and John Lapinski Columbia University Congress and American Political Development: Representation, Party, and Policy Before the Civil War 1998 2500
Keenan, David S. Northwestern University Organized Interests and the Process of Government in the Early American Republic, 1783-1800 2009 3500
Kelly, Sean and Scott Frisch Niagara University; California State University, Channel Islands Comparing Republican and Democratic Committee Requests and Assignments 2000 750
Kelly, Sean and Scott Frisch Niagara University; California State University, Channel Islands Computer-Aided Content Analysis of the Committee Request Letters of U.S. House Members, 1965-94 2001 3500
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