LaHood Scholarship Past Winners

Ray and Kathy LaHood Scholarships: Past Winners

2004 Sarah Anne Cottingham, Millikin University 

2004 Janet M. Greenwalt, Eureka College
2005 Beau Thomas Underwood, Eureka College

Beginning in 2007, the scholarships were restricted to students at Bradley University

2007 Amber Huett and Julie Mierzwa
2008 Emily Gesing and Courtney Lynne Wiersema
2009 Kathyrn Green and Amy Sickinger
2010 Thomas Carroll and James Pripusich
2011 Katie Childs and Michael Kittleson
2012 Megan Ramlo
2013 Victoria Berkow and Abby Schierer
2014 Taylor Soto and Chase Owen
2015 No Awards
2016 Rebekah Guderman, Patrick Campbell, and Shannon Schooley
2017 Gerald Regep III, Robert Miller, and Patrick DePinto
2018 Mary Anne “Annie” Carroll, Jacob T. Halstead, and Thomas Bowers
2019 Lorena Chica, Veronica Blascoe, Dan Kaminski, and Devin Servin

2020 Martina Doytcheva, Erin Allegretti, Lindsay Fischer, and Ben Wagoner

2021 Loretta Ewert, Josse Ward, and Andrew Wilson

2022 Melody Hampton, Natally Jawhar, and Yoana Trendafilova

2023 Kaitlyn Morrison and Joanna Franco