Previous versions of The Center’s web suite included several special features based on our historical collections. We will re-post these features as they are updated to modern programming and internet access standards.

Congressional Timeline

The Congressional Timeline arrays more than 900 of the nation's laws on a timeline beginning with the first Congress in 1789 and continuing to the present. A second timeline "band" depicts major political events as context for Congress's law-making.

Abraham Lincoln and the Illinois Congressional District

As part of the Bicentennial Celebration of Abraham Lincoln, the Dirksen Congressional Center is pleased to present a version of the Lincoln legacy through the eyes of two members of Congress, Everett McKinley Dirksen and Robert H. Michel, who later represented the central Illinois congressional district that once sent Lincoln to the House of Representatives.

Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership Committee Minutes

The minutes of the Republican leadership during the presidential administrations of John Kennedy and Lyndon Johnson. In their original state, each session’s minutes generally include attendance, brief summaries of topics discussed, and background “fact sheets” for statements at press conferences following the meetings. The digitized document presented here include only the formal minutes. The press conferences following the leadership meetings achieved fame as the “Ev and Charlie” and “Ev and Jerry” shows.

Republican Leadership Press Statements

The first meeting of the Joint Senate-House Republican Leadership occurred on January 24, 1961. A staff consultant was retained and, as a result of experience gained in the first few weeks, an effort was made to give the meetings a more formalized voice. From the leadership meeting of March 23 forward a record of formal statements was kept and published at the end of each session as an official document of the Senate. Each document contains the formal statements but not the question-and-answer transcripts, most of which are part of the Dirksen Papers.


Definitions of terms associated with congressional activity.