Barry Goldwater in 1964

“We get an extraordinary reading from an extraordinary man on Barry Goldwater and the American press,” reporter Neil MacNeil told his editors. “The reading is from Everettt [sic] Dirksen, the man who placed Goldwater in nomination and cinched that nomination by ending any doubt of the political course of delegate-rich Illinois.”

Dirksen, it seemed, was “gravely concerned” by Goldwater’s tendency to speak recklessly. “We’ve got to stop this hip-shooting,” said Dirksen. “It is simply too dangerous in the world as it is, with Latin American and Viet-Nam.”

The Senate Minority Leader offered an impractical solution. He would force Goldwater to insist that all press questions be submitted to him in writing in advance to permit him and his staff to work out rational, responsive, and responsible answers.

Read MacNeil’s full report: macneil_reports_goldwater.pdf