Subjects, 6 linear feet

The Subject series is organized alphabetically. MacNeil compiled research information in this series for use in his reporting. Unfortunately, his original organization had several flaws: (1) he used subject headings inconsistently; (2) his subject descriptors sometimes failed to convey the nature of the materials; (3) often a single subject file contained completely unrelated information; and (4) the series contained an abundance of news clippings.

To make the information available in useable form, the processing staff removed the clippings, created a more reliable subject organization, and separated MacNeil’s handwritten notes in a separate subject series, “Notes.”

The Subject series includes a Personal file featuring correspondence, book proposals and edits, and some business and family records.

A folder list for the Subjects series is part of this guide and follows; the individual contents have not been further processed.

Miscellaneous, 3 linear feet

This series consists mainly of books and publications about Congress.