Jacksonville Office Files 1983-94

7.5 Linear Feet
Date Prepared: June 15, 2002

These files were maintained in the Jacksonville district office. The file is divided into two sections. The first, arranged chronologically, typically deals with routine office matters, such as meetings and schedules. There is very little information about campaigns and politics, for example, or about legislative issues.

The second division relates to public works projects in the southern portion of the 18th congressional district. These files are arranged alphabetically by the name of the project.


Box 1

1983. American Legion Speech
1983. BCP Groundbreaking
1983. Beardstown Fish Fry
1983. Business Conference
1983. Chamber Forum Luncheon
1983. Congressional Award Program
1983. Electric Coop Meeting
1983. Grants, Contracts, Loans
1983. Havana Chamber Meeting
1983. Macon County Fundraiser
1983. Meetings
1983. Michel Scholarships
1983. News Releases
1983. Opening
1983. Small Business Advisory Committee
1983. Town Meetings

1984. Agricultural Advisory Committee
1984. Bandstand Trip
1984. Bills
1984. Congressional Award Program
1984. Constituent Thanks
1984. D.C. Trip
1984. D.C. Trip
1984. Invitations Accepted
1984. Kirkpatrick [Ambassador] Visit
1984. Medicare Seminars
1984. Meetings
1984. Michel Advisory Committee
1984. Miscellaneous
1984. Murray, Hyde
1984. Supplies

1985. Afghan Refugees
1985. ASCS Meeting
1985. Bills
1985. Chamber Fly-In
1985. District Mail Survey
1985. Expo
1985. Flood Disaster Declaration
1985. Golf Outing

Box 2

1985. Illinois College Commencement
1985. Illinois School for the Death
1985. Medicare Meetings
1985. Meetings. August
1985. Michel Scholarship
1985. Miscellaneous
1985. Press Releases (3)
1985. Pride in Peoria Week
1985. Questionnaire
1985. Springfield Air Rendezvous

1986. Challenger Tragedy
1986. Chamber Fly-In
1986. Golf Outing
1986. Michel Reception
1986. Miscellaneous
1986. Peoria Air Show
1986. Press Releases
1986. Schedule

1987. ASC
1987. Bills
1987. Chamber Fly-In
1987. Coal Gasification
1987. Decatur Golf Outing
1987. EXPO II
1987. Golf Outing
1987. Labor-Management Cooperation
1987. Miscellaneous
1987. Press Releases

1988. Bills
1988. Chamber Fly-In
1988. The Dirksen Center
1988. Drought
1988. Electric Coops
1988. Ethanol

Box 3

1988. Farm Bureau Award
1988. Farmers Meeting
1988. Healthcare Meeting
1988. Heritage Cultural Center
1988. Illinois Delegation District Staff Meeting
1988. Institute for Illinois
1988. Japan Trip
1988. Lincoln Day Dinner
1988. Michel Debates
1988. Michel Reception
1988. Miscellaneous
1988. Prairie Land Recreation Inc.
1988. Press Releases

1989. Chamber Fly-In
1989. District Mail Survey
1989. Excel-Bob's Visit
1989. Farm Meeting
1989. Michel Bills
1989. Michel Visit to J. Turner Jr. High School
1989. Office Bills
1989. Press Releases
1989. Springfield Air Rendezvous

1990. Agriculture Advisory Committee
1990. Bills
1990. Chamber Fly-In
1990. Flood Disaster
1990. Lock and Dam No. 26
1990. Mail Survey
1990. Michel Scholarship
1990. Personal Notes
1990. Press Releases
1990. Springfield Air Rendezvous

1991. Bills
1991. Farmers Home Administration
1991. Michel Legislation
1991. Personal
1991. Press Releases
1991. Springfield Air Rendezvous

1992. Asian-American Club
1992. Bills
1992. Chamber Fly-In
1992. Michel Remarks
1992. National Guard Cutbacks
1992. Newsletters
1992. Press Releases
1992. Springfield Air Rendezvous

Box 4

1993. No Files Found

1994. Bills

Alvin Eades Foundation (1)
Alvin Eades Foundation (2)
Arenzville Housing
Argenta Sewer
Asbestos Abatement Waver IDPH. 1989
Bath Chute
Beardstown Bridge Study
Beardstown Community Boat Harbor-1983 Proj/Corps of Engineers
Beardstown-FMHA Extension Com.
Beardstown Hospital (1)
Beardstown Hospital (2)
Beardstown Hospital (3)
Beardstown Muscooten Small Boat Harbor
Beardstown Oscar Mayer
Beardstown VA Faculty
Brown County Highway Dept.
Brown County Housing the Chronically Mentally Ill
Cass County Flooding (1983)
Central Illinois Expressway
Central Illinois Expressway

Box 5

Central Illinois Expressway
Central Illinois Expressway, Valley City Bridge, Florence Bridge
Chautaugua National Wildlife Refugee (1)
Chautaugua National Wildlife Refugee (2)
Chautaugua National Wildlife Refugee (3)
Chicago/Kansas City Expressway
Consolidated Grain and Barge Co.
Culbertson Hospital
Decatur Airport Expansion 1986
Decatur/Economic Dev. Foundation
Decatur Enterprise Zone
Decatur-Lake Springer
Decatur Lincoln Square Plaza Grant
Decatur Sanitary District
Decatur Twin Oaks
Decatur UDAG
Dickson Mounds

Box 6

Drought Relief 1988
Edge Dale
Fancy Creek Township
Fancy Creek Water District
Flood Disaster Info (FEMA) 1983
Grain Storage/1986 Harvest
Hager Slough
Hager Slough II
Hager Slough Levee and Drainage District
Havana Marina
Havana Riverfront Dev. Comm
HUD Housing Authority Grants
Illinois National Guard
Chamber of Commerce Grants
Jacksonville City of- HUD UDAG Grant Application
Jacksonville Ranney Well
Jacksonville Sewer
Youth Attention Center
Lick Creek Water Shed
Lincoln Center
Lincoln Home Site
Lincoln Home 159th Anniversary, P. Findley-R. Nixon 1989
MacMurray College
MacMurray College Grant
MacMurray College Title IV Funding
Mason County Housing Authority HUD
McGee Creek Levee Drainage Dist. Corps. Vol.1
McGee Creek Levee Drainage Corps. Vol. II

Box 7

McGee Creek Levee Drainage Dist. Corps. Vol. III
Meredosia, Willow Cr. And Coon Run Flood Protection-C of E
Middleton-Stage Coach Inn Grants
Mississippi River National Heritage Corridor
Morgan Co. Attn. Center Grants/Contracts
Morgan County Flood Relief
Morgan County Housing HUD
Morgan County Housing Authority HUD Park
Naples (FEMA)
Naples Levee
New Salem Lake
New Salem Lodge-ILL Dept. Conserv.
New Salem Restaurant and Meeting Center
O'Hare Air Reserve Forces Faculty
Peoria Caterpillar-Layoffs
Ridgelake Fire Department Grants
River Closing-Peoria L+D/LaGrange L+D
Riverton-Sang River C of Energy
Sangamon Co. Jail
Scott County Drainage and Levee District
Scott County Historical Soc. Tax Exempt. (IRS)
South Jacksonville Water Sewer Rates
Soyland (Ken Acree)

Box 8

Soyland and WIPCO
Spring creek-Flood Control (Corps)
Springfield HUD Office-Re Opening
Springfield HUD Office
Springfield Sewer Comm.
Two Rivers Resource Conservation and Development Project
Winchester Post Office Com.