Speeches and Trips

Congressional Record 1954-94

Date Prepared: December 20, 2002

Bound volumes.

Box 1

Robert H. Michel Collection Speeches and Trips Series Congressional Record
The Dirksen Congressional Center, Pekin, IL

Speeches and Trips Series 1956-1994

Date Prepared: December 19, 2002
Date Updated: February 18, 2015

The Speech and Trip Series of the Robert H. Michel (RHM) Papers consists of materials pertaining to RHM’s speech appearances and committee trips. His remarks on the House floor are not part of this series—The Center has bound copies of the Congressional Record containing those remarks.

The series is organized chronologically. A detailed finding aid lists each speech and trip individually. There is no subject index for his remarks. Although the quality of documentation varies widely, a typical speech file will contain a letter of invitation, reference and briefing materials collected for the speech, initial drafts, and the reading copy. On occasion, a copy of the honorarium check is included.

There are several folders for which the subject description reads “No prepared remarks.” Although there are no copies of RHM’s remarks, the files often contain detailed information about possible speech topics. For example, RHM appeared on behalf of Republican candidates and incumbents—although his remarks are missing, information about the politics and records of those individuals may be included. Another example: when RHM speaks to trade groups, the file may include detailed information, including staff memoranda, about the legislative interests of the group.

Trip files are interspersed with speech files, as was the office’s practice. Trip files contain itineraries, notes, correspondence, and occasional summaries of observations.

The Robert H. Michel Papers are currently being processed. It is possible that additional speech and trip files will be located and added to the series later.


1956 ca. 10/20/56 "Congress is Listening"
1957 2/25/57 Boy Scout Award Dinner, Peoria, IL
  3/09/57 Hoover Commission Briefing, Peoria, IL
  4/30/57 Chamber of Commerce Dinner, Washington, DC
  5/57 Nashville Trip
  5/11/57 Missouri Young Republican Federation, St. Louis, MO
  5/19/57 Hoover Commission Telecast, Illinois
  5/20/57 Pi Kappa Delta Speaker of the Year Award, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
  5/25/57 Mid-America on-the-March Article, Peoria Journal Star, Peoria, IL
  5/30/57 Memorial Day Address, Peoria, IL
  ca. 9/57 Kiwanis Club, Peoria, IL
  9/57 European Trip
  10/18/57 Bradley University 60th Anniversary, Peoria, IL
  ca. 11/57 Foreign Aid Remarks
  11/04/57 Stark County Women's Republican Club Membership Tea, Toulon, IL
  11/14/57 Jaycees' "Bosses Night," Peoria, IL
1958 1/20/58 Ad Club Noon Luncheon, Peoria IL
  3/10/58 Invasion of Peoria, Walter Reuther
  5/31/58 Greek Orthodox Youth of America, Peoria IL
  7/8/58 European Trip
  9/17/58 Constitution Day Speech, Peoria Board of Realtors, Peoria IL
  12/6/58 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria IL
1959 1/26/59 Peoria Ad Club, Peoria, IL
  3/30/59 National Defense Resources Conference, Peoria, IL
  5/??/59 Assembly of the United Presbyterian Church
  5/59 (Proposed) Memorial Day Address
  5/??/59 Memorial Day Address
  5/30/59 St. Francis Hospital School of Nursing, Peoria, IL
  7/18/59 Order of Ahepa Convention, Peoria, IL
  10/07/59 Illinois Bankers Association, Peoria, IL
  10/25-29/59 Australia/New Zealand Trip
  11/4-8/59 Indonesia Trip
  11/8-11/59 Singapore & Malaya Trip
  11/11-14/59 Thailand Trip
  11/14-17/59 Hong Kong Trip
  11/17-20/59 Formosa & Okinawa Trip
  11/21/59 Japan Trip
1960 1/60 Far East Trip Report
  5/06/60 St. Louis University, St. Louis, MO
  6/04/60 125th Jubilee, Tremont, IL
  9/14/60 Peoria Board of Realtors Constitution Day, Peoria, IL
  11/60 Middle East Trip
1961 ca. 5/61 Science Fair Talk
  5/18/61 Annual Dinner Meeting, Peoria Association of Commerce, Peoria, IL
  6/20/61 West Virginia Republican Women's Federation
  6/25/61 Purple Heart, Peoria, IL
  9/26/61 Freedom Shrine Dedication
  9/27/61 NAM Conservation and Natural Resources Meeting, Peoria, IL
  10/11/61 Knights of Columbus, Peoria, IL
  10/18-12/06/61 Europe and Africa Trip
  12/14/61 Galesburg Speech, Galesburg, IL
1962 1/04/62 Peoria Junior Chamber of Commerce, Distinguished Service Award, Peoria, IL
  3/03/62 Illinois Liaison Officers' Conference, Peoria, IL
  5/12/62 Peoria Area Blind Center, Peoria, IL
  5/15/62 Peoria Association of Commerce
  6/23/62 Bureau County Republican Women's Club, Princeton, IL
  10/12/62 Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  11/08/62 Transportation Club, Peoria, IL
1963 1/23/63 Public Affairs Conference, U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  2/03/63 State Chamber of Commerce, Chicago, IL
  2/11/63 Lincoln Day Speech, Bureau County, Princeton, IL
  2/12/63 Rotary, Hoopeston, IL
  2/27/63 Harvard Young Republican Club, Cambridge, MA
  3/29/63 Republican Kick-Off Dinner, Kokomo, IN
  4/17-20/63 Paul Revere Panels
  4/20/63 South Dakota Federation of Young Republicans, Sioux Falls, SD
  10/63 Tentative South American Trip (Appropriations, Agricultural Sub-committee, 88th)
  10/09/63 Keynote Address, Illinois Association of Real Estate Boards Convention, Peoria, IL
  10/21/63 Chicago and Detroit
  11/11/63 Peoria Post #2 Veterans Day Banquet, Peoria, IL
  12/63 Brazil Trip
1964 1/10-20/64 Far East Trip (Appropriations - 88th)
  2/11-12/64 Lincoln Day Speeches, Alaska
  3/31-4/4/64 Paul Revere Panel
  4/18/64 Central Illinois Society of Ophthalmology and Otolaryngology, Peoria, IL
  5/04/64 Edison Electric Institute, Colorado Springs, CO
  5/15/64 Spalding Institute, Peoria, IL
  5/27/64 Washington Industrial Roundtable Luncheon, Washington, DC
  5/30/64 Memorial Day Remarks, Pekin, IL
  9-10/64 Truth Squad
  9/12/64 Bureau County Farm Bureau 50th Anniversary, Princeton, IL
  10/18/64 Sermon at Glen Oak Christian Church, Peoria, IL
  11/64-12/64 Brazil Trip (Appropriations, Agricultural, 88th)
  11/14/64 Veterans Day, City Hall, Peoria, IL
1965 1/16/65 Ohio League of Young Republicans, Columbus, OH
  1/25/65 Princeton Lions Club, Princeton, IL
  2/12/65 Lincoln Day Dinner, Paducah, KY
  2/15/65 Fairmont, MN
  2/19/65 Ashton Women's Club, Ashton, IL
  3/08/65 Fund Raising Dinner, Moline, IL
  3/28/65 Lakeview Center for the Arts and Sciences, Peoria, IL
  3/31/65 Gridiron Dinner, Peoria, IL
  4/03/65 Republican Women's Workshop, Peoria, IL
  4/13/65 Jefferson Day Observance, Peoria, IL
  5/14/65 Tazewell County Young Republicans, Pekin, IL
  5/30/65 Peoria Air Show, Peoria, IL
  8/20-23/65 Philadelphia-New York Trip (Appropriations, Agricultural Sub-committee, 89th)
  10/09/65 Alabama State Republican Party, Gadsden, AL
  10/20/65 Testimonial, Lansing, MI
  10/23/65 Peoria Chapter of Credit Unions, Peoria, IL
  11/06/65 National Legislative Work, United Cerebral Palsy Association, Chicago, IL
  11/10/65 First Methodist Church, Peoria, IL
  11/30/65 Suburban Kiwanis Club, Peoria, IL
  12/01/65 Illinois Retail Farm Equipment Association
  12/3-9/65 Puerto Rico Trip (Appropriations, Agricultural Sub-committee, 89th)
  12/14/65 Optimist Club, Peoria, IL
  12/17/65 Peoria Life Underwriters, Peoria, IL
1966 1/21/66 Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/29/66 Junior Chamber of Commerce, Peoria, IL
  1/30/66 Disabled American Veterans, Peoria, IL
  2/04/66 Young Republican Leadership Training, Washington, DC
  2/10/66 Lincoln Day Banquet, Metamora, IL
  2/11/66 Peoria High School, Peoria, IL
  2/12/66 Bureau County Lincoln Day Banquet, Princeton, IL
  2/14/66 Dirksen Reception, Pekin, IL
  3/14/66 Princeton Lions Club, Farmers' Night, Princeton, IL
  4/01/66 1966 Cancer Crusade, Peoria, IL
  4/02/66 Biddy Basketball Banquet, Peoria, IL
  5/66 World Health Assembly Trip, Geneva, Switzerland (Approved HEW Sub- committee)
  5/01/66 Law Day, Peoria, IL
  5/22/66 Civil Defense Center Dedication, Peoria, IL
  6/66 Brazil Trip
  6/04/66 Bradley University Alumni Banquet, Introduction of Dr. Werner Von Braun, Peoria, IL
  6/10/66 Marshall County Dinner Meeting, Henry, IL
  7/01/66 Republican Congressional Committee Candidate School, Washington, DC
  7/07/66 Metamora Old Settlers Celebration, Metamora, IL
  7/17/66 Tazewell County Republican Picnic, Bessler's Lake, IL
  7/28/66 Woodford County Young Republican Picnic, Lake Eureka, IL
  8/29/66 Kiwanis Club Ladies Night, El Paso, IL
  9/09/66 DeKalb County, Indiana Republican Picnic, Auburn, IN
  10/03/66 Interview, Caterpillar, Peoria, IL
  11/17/66 Peoria Association for Retarded Children, Awards Dinner, Peoria, IL
  12/66 Mexico Trip (Agricultural Sub-committee)
  c.a. 1966 La Societe des 40 Hommes et 8 Chevaux
1967 4/23/67 American Academy of General Practice, State Officers' Conference, Kansas City, MO
  5/23/67 George Romney Dinner, Peoria, IL
  6/04/67 AMPAC Workshop, Washington, DC
  6/10/67 Sigma Nu Reunion, Peoria, IL
  9/08/67 AMPAC Speech, Ocean City, MD
  9/15/67 Peoria Rotary, Peoria, IL
  10/09/67 AMPAC Speech, Chicago
  11/11/67 Introduction of Senator Dirksen
  11/25/67 Galesburg Speech, Galesburg, IL
  12/01/67 Illinois Republican State Central Committee, Belleville, IL
  12/02/67 Introduction of John Altorfer, Gubernatorial Candidate
1968 1/11/68 Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers, Peoria, IL
  1/27/68 Orlando Speech, Orlando, FL
  2/15/68 Peoria Kiwanis, Peoria, IL
  2/26/68 Moline Jaycees, Moline, IL
  3/17/68 Christian Youth Fellowship, Peoria, IL
  5/24/68 Lacon Speech, Lacon, IL
  5/30/68 Memorial Day Speech, Peoria, IL
  8/21/68 Downtown Kiwanis, Peoria, IL (Material also used 8/28/68, Pekin Kiwanis, Pekin, IL)
  9/02/68 Labor Day, Tallula
  9/03/68 Chicago-Midwest Credit Management Association, Peoria Division, Peoria, IL
  9/19/68 Nixon Introduction
  9/22/68 Grace Methodist Church, Pekin, IL
  9/24/68 Chicago-Midwest Credit Management Association, Peoria Division, Peoria, IL
  10/01/68 Introduction of George Murphy (California Senator)
  10/21/68 Spring Valley Rotary, Spring Valley, IL
  10/25/68 Bradley Student Leadership Conference, Peoria, IL
  10/27/68 Republican Rally, Peoria, IL
  1/11/68 Illinois Association of Vocational Agriculture Teachers, Peoria, IL
1969 1/16/69 Public Affairs Seminar, Washington DC
  1/23/69 Pekin Jaycees DSA Awards Banquet, Pekin IL
  1/24/69 Peoria Rotary, Peoria IL
  2/12/69 Introduction of Dr. Judd, Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, Pekin IL
  2/13/69 Woodford County Lincoln Day Speech, Eureka IL
  2/14/69 Caterpillar Legislative Roundup, Peoria IL
  4/07/69 Princeton Chamber of Commerce, Princeton IL
  4/09/69 Midwest Pharmaceutical Advertising Club, Chicago IL
  5/05/69 Dental Society, Chicago IL
  5/31/69 Bradley University Alumni Banquet, Peoria IL
  6/1/69 Eureka College, Eureka IL
  6/4/69 Oak Street Presentation to Dirksen, Washington DC
  6/26/69 Public Relations Seminar, Washington DC
  7/21/69 National Audi Visual Association, Chicago
  9/14/69 Senator Dirksen Eulogy
  9/29/69 Kiwanis Ladies Night, El Paso
  10/15/69 National Association of Margarine Manufacturers, Chicago
  10/24/69 Illinois Hospital Association, Honorary Member, Chicago
  10/25/69 Safety Laboratory Research Center, C.O.R.D., Peoria
  10/26/69 Neighborhood House Ground Breaking, Peoria
  11/16/69 Central Park Swimming Pool Dedication, Peoria
  11/22/69 Illinois Association of School boards, Chicago
  12/07/69 Pearl Harbor Day Speech, Peoria
1970 ca. 1970 Introduction of Senator Howard Baker (Not Used)
  1/23/70 Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  2/12/70 Dirksen Eulogy, Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, Pekin, IL
  4/01/70 Gridiron Dinner, Peoria, IL
  4/04/70 Introduction of Governor Ogilvie, YR Board Meeting, Peoria, IL
  4/27/70 National Dental Health Conference, Chicago, IL
  5/31/70 Illinois Central College Commencement, East Peoria, IL
  6/11/70 Republican Candidates' Conference, Washington, DC
  8/01/70 Galena Park Ground Breaking, Peoria, IL
  9/02/70 Channel 47 Ground Breaking, Peoria, IL
  9/??/70 Introduction of Senator Ralph Smith
  10/01/70 Campaign Speech for Garner Shriver, Wichita, KS
  10/09/70 Fill-in for Senator Smith, Palos Township, Downers Grove, IL
  10/22/70 Peoria Social Service Club, Peoria, IL
  10/25/70 Don D. Shute School Dedication, East Peoria, IL
  ca. 11/70 Princeton High School, Princeton, IL
1971 1/29/71 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/31/71 Neighborhood House Dedication, Peoria, IL
  3/19/71 DuPage County Republicans for Elmer Hoffman, Wheaton, IL
  6/14/71 Flag Day Speech, Turkey Festival, Tremont, IL
  7/04/71 American Legion, Peoria, IL
  10/02/71 American Hotel & Motel Association, Pheasant Run, St. Charles, IL
  11/12/71 Illinois Association for Mental Health, Peoria, IL
1972 1/??/72 General Recess Speech
  1/13/72 Paul Findley Appreciation Dinner, Macomb, IL
  1/14/72 Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/28/72 Peoria Chamber of Commerce, Peoria, IL
  2/13/72 Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner, Galesburg, IL
  2/14/72 Introduction of Hon. Jerry R. Ford, Lincoln Day Dinner, Pekin, IL
  2/15/72 Brown, Cass, Schuyler, Farm Bureau Meeting, Beardstown, IL
  2/16/72 Schuyler County Lincoln Day Dinner, Rushville, IL
  2/17/72 Galesburg Rotary Club, Galesburg, IL
  2/21/72 Washington Day Banquet, Chamber of Commerce, Washington, IL
  2/26/72 Elks Club Americanism Banquet, Beardstown, IL
  3/20/72 Peoria Principals Association, Peoria, IL
  4/72 Trip to South America
  4/15/72 Opening of New Social Security Office, Pekin, IL
  4/20/72 Introduction of Bob Dole, Fund Raising Dinner, Peoria, IL
  4/28/72 Governor's Conference on Learning Disabilities, Peoria, IL
  5/09/72 Farm and Industiral Equipment Institute, Beltsville, MD
  5/26/72 Commencement Address, Malden High School, Malden, IL
  5/29/72 Memorial Day, Peoria Courthouse Square, Peoria, IL
  7/14/72 Steamboat Race, Peoria, IL
  9/18/72 Peoria Ad Club, Peoria, IL
  9/25/72 Illinois Police Association, Peoria, IL
  10/17/72 Reagan Rally (Ogilvie), Bradley Fieldhouse, Peoria, IL
  10/18/72 Rutherford Environment, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
  10/20/72 "Not One but Many Votes," Security Savings Breakfast, Peoria, IL
  10/21/72 Schuyler County Dinner, Rushville, IL
  10/22/72 Fund-Raising Dinner, Introduction of Rogers Morton, Peoria, IL
  10/31/72 Introduction of Barry Goldwater, Jefferson Hotel, Peoria, IL
1973 1/03/73 Republican Caucus, Nomination of Les Arends
  1/12/73 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/15/73 Cystic Fibrosis Speech, Peoria, IL
  2/11-12/73 Lincoln Day Speeches, Wisconsin
  2/17/73 DAR Speech, Peoria, IL
  3/08/73 American Psychiatric Association, Washington, DC
  3/10/73 American Medical Association & AMPAC, Washington, DC
  4/??/73 Kiwanis Club, Peoria, IL
  4/27/73 Illinois Manufacturers, Chicago, IL
  5/19/73 National TB and Respiratory Disease Assn., New York, NY
  7/26/73 RAMS Speech, Washington, DC
  9/10/73 Republican National Committee, Washington, DC
  9/19/73 Introduction of Earl Butz and Speech, Bureau County Fund Raising Dinner, Princeton, IL
  9/28/73 Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  9/29/73 Federation of Republican Women, Los Angeles, CA
  10/04/73 Western States Conference, Seattle, WA
  10/21/73 Peoria Fund-Raising Dinner, Peoria, IL
  11/02/73 New Jersey Fund Raiser, East Brunswick, NJ
  11/07/73 Washington Journalism Center, Washington DC
  12/04/73 United Republican Fund of Illinois, Chicago, IL
1974 1/25/74 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  2/08/74 Republican Women's Club District 10, Park Ridge, IL
  2/09/74 Lincoln Day Dinner, Waukesha County, WI
  2/13/74 Peoria Life Underwriters, Peoria, IL
  2/13/74 Lincoln Day Speech, Princeton, IL
  2/15-16/74 Alaska Trip
  2/27/74 Herlong Hassle
  3/09/74 Women's National Republican Club, Waldorf, New York, NY
  3/11/74 National Cable TV Association, Washington, DC
  4/16/74 Pekin Chamber of Commerce, Pekin, IL
  4/20/74 Indiana Republican Editorial Association, Indianapolis, IN
  4/26/74 Republican National Committee Meeting, Washington, DC
  5/03/74 Leadership Conference, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
  5/04/74 Dedication of Plaque to Vietnam War Dead, Peoria, IL
  5/11/74 Georgia Medical Association, Savannah, GA
  5/11/74 Order of Lafayette Award, Washington, DC
  5/15/74 American Gas Association, Washington, DC
  5/23/74 Bill Scherle Appreciation Dinner, Ames, IA
  6/25/74 RNCC Candidates Conference, Washington, DC
  7/08/74 American Retail Association, Peoria, IL
  9/23/74 Tammybrook Country Club (Widnall), Cresskill, NJ
  10/01/74 National Association of Retail Druggists, Las Vegas, NV
  10/07/74 PA Council Republican Women, Hershey, PA
  10/10/74 United Republican Fund, Peoria, IL
  10/23/74 Peoria Builders, Peoria, IL
  11/02/74 St. Mary's Hospital Dedication, Galesburg, IL
1975 1/24/75 Common Place, Peoria, IL
  1/24/75 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/27/75 National Canners Association, Chicago, IL
  2/12/75 Lincoln Day, Springfield, IL
  3/14/75 Illinois Leadership Conference, Chicago, IL
  3/24/75 Phoenix Boosters, Phoenix, AZ
  4/01/75 Gridiron Dinner, Peoria, IL
  4/02/75 Peoria Kiwanis, Peoria, IL
  4/05/75 Princeton Chamber of Commerce, Princeton, IL
  4/18/75 Will County Young Republicans, Joliet, IL
  4/24/75 Association of American Physicians & Surgeons, Oak Brook, IL
  4/25/75 American Lung Association, Washington, DC
  5/25/75 Dedication of Beardstown Hospital, Beardstown, IL
  6/02/75 Introduction of John Rousselot, Peoria Fund Raiser, Peoria, IL
  6/14/75 Executive Development Seminar, University of Illinois, Champaign, IL
  6/26/75 W. R. Grace Executive Seminar, New York, NY
  7/05/75 Peoria Bicentennial Kickoff, Peoria, IL
  7/07/75 CPC International Executive Seminar, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  8/95 Scandinavia, Eastern Europe, Russia and Spain Trip
  9/13/75 Illinois Hotel-Motel Association, Peoria, IL
  10/04/75 American Land Title Association, Chicago, IL
  10/10/75 Introduction of Donald Rumsfeld, Peoria Fund Raiser, Peoria, IL
  10/23-25/75 Midwest Conference, Carefree, AZ
  11/14/75 McClory Testimonial, Lincolnshire, IL
  11/17/75 L.A. Boosters, Los Angeles, CA
1976 1/20/76 Grocery Manufacturers, Washington, DC
  1/21/76 DC Association of Life Underwriters, Washington, DC
  1/23/76 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/24/76 Congressman Gene Taylor Fund Raiser, Joplin, MO
  1/25/76 Neighborhood House Anniversary, Peoria, IL
  1/30/76 Florida Medical Society & FLAMPAC, Orlando, FL
  2/06/76 Union County Lincoln Day Dinner (Cong. Rinaldo), NJ
  2/11/76 Introduction of Art Linkletter, Tazewell Lincoln Day Dinner, Pekin, IL
  2/12/76 Bureau County Lincoln Day, Princeton, IL
  2/13/76 Peoria Chamber of Commerce, Peoria, IL
  3/05/76 Ford Visit to Peoria, Bradley Fieldlhouse, Peoria, IL
  3/13/76 Ground Breaking, Naval Reserve Center, Peoria, IL
  4/12/76 AMA AMPAC Public Affairs Workshop, Washington, DC
  4/21/76 National Secretaries Week, Peoria, IL
  4/21/76 Peoria Gridiron Dinner, Peoria, IL
  5/21/76 Elgin Township Republican Dinner, Elgin, IL
  5/31/76 Memorial Day Speech, Galesburg, IL
  6/27/76 American Dental PAC, Chicago, IL
  10/11/76 Senator Percy Introduction, Princeton, IL
  10/12/76 Senator Barry Goldwater Introduction, Peoria, IL
  10/13/76 Farnham Street Bridge Dedication, Galesburg, IL
  11/11/76 IL Association of Manufacturers, Chicago, IL
  11/22/76 Dedication of Peoria School of Medicine, Peoria, IL
  12/02/76 National Association of Manufacturers, New York, NY
1977 2/??/77 Unveiling of Les Arends Portrait, Washington, DC
  2/14/77 National Canners Association, New Orleans, LA
  3/04/77 Association of General Contractors, San Francisco, CA
  3/11/77 Start County Republican Organization, Canton, OH
  3/22/77 Business Round Table, Washington, DC
  3/31/77 National Restaurant Association, Washington, DC
  5/05/77 B'nai B'rith Speech, Paul Cation, Man of the Year, Peoria, IL
  5/09/77 Introduction of Jack Kemp, Peoria County Republican Dinner, Peoria, IL
  5/17/77 National Association of Electric Companies, Washington, DC
  5/22/77 Lincoln College Commencement, Lincoln, IL
  6/23/77 National Machine Tool, Washington, DC
  8/22/77 Phi Delta Kappa, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
  9/04/77 Rededication of Scripps Park, Rushville, IL
  11/04/77 Michel Testimonial Dinner, Peoria, IL
  11/08/77 American College of Emergency Physicians, San Francisco, CA
  11/15/77 Emergency Medical Services Symposium, Ft. Worth, TX
  12/05/77 Business Outlook Conference, Peoria, IL
1978 1/10/78 General Electric Management Meeting, Naples, FL
  1/13/78 Jewish Council, Peoria, IL
  1/22/78 Central Illinois Pharmaceutical Association, Peoria, IL
  2/03/78 Introduction of Governor Jim Thompson, Peoria, IL
  2/10/78 Lincoln Day Speech, Bill Young, FL
  2/13/78 Arthritis Foundation, Washington, DC
  3/05/78 National Association of Retail Grocers, Washington, DC
  3/11/78 Lincoln Day Speech (Bafalis), Sarasota, FL
  3/25/78 -  
  4/05/78 China Trip
  4/09/78 Introduction of Henry Hyde, Hyde for Congress Committee, Rosemont, IL
  4/10/78 Shell Oil Company, Houston, TX
  4/14/78 Lincoln Day Dinner (John Myers), Attica, IN
  4/17/78 Distilled Spirits Council, Louisville, KY
  5/08/78 Commonweath Edison Management, Chicago, IL
  5/18/78 Town Meeting, JFK Center, Washington, DC
  6/15/78 International Harvester Executive Development Program, Washington, DC
  6/17/78 Introduction of Congressman Ed Derwinski, Peoria County Fund Raiser, Peoria, IL
  7/08/78 Dedication of Naval and Marine Corps Reserve Center, Peoria, IL
  9/15/78 National Federation of Republican Women, Salt Lake City, UT
  9/16/78 New Mexico Republican Dinner, Albuquerque, NM
  9/20/78 Accepting Award from American College of Emergency Physicians, Houston TX
  10/05/78 Introduction of Ronald Reagan, Peoria County Republican Dinner, Peoria, IL
  11/01/78 Kent County Republican Finance Committee, Grand Rapids, MI
  11/11/78 National Machine Tools, Boca Raton, FL
  11/30/78 National Press Club, Washington, DC
1979 1/31/79 Washington Rotary Club, Washington, DC
  2/09/79 American Legion Auxiliary, Chicago, IL
  2/17/79 Monmouth County Republican Committee, Middletown, NJ
  2/26/79 The Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Boca Raton, FL
  3/06/79 National Association of Homes for Children, Washington, DC
  3/08/79 National Peanut Council, Albuquerque, NM
  3/12/79 Worcester County Republican Central Committee, Ocean City, MD
  4/10/79 Bristol Meyers Company, New York, NY
  4/13-22/79 Trip to Leningrad
  5/15/79 Headliners Breakfast, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  6/22/79 Sussex County GOP Women's Club, Rehoboth Beach, DE
  7/28/79 Indiana Young Republicans, Terre Haute, IN
  9/13/79 Dick Schulze Roast, Chadds Ford, PA
  9/24/79 Illinois Savings & Loan League, Chicago, IL
  9/30/79 Congressman Tom Petrie (WI) Fund Raiser, Green Lake, WI
  10/05/79 Construction Industry Manufacturers Association, Lincolnshire, IL
  10/11/79 Tennyson Guyer Fund Raiser, Lima, OH
  10/12/79 Three Mile Island Incident, Walker, PA
  10/16/79 William Goodling (PA) Fund Raiser, Carlisle, PA
  11/19/79 Albuquerque Boosters, Albuquerque, NM
1980 1/25/80 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  2/04/80 State of the House Speech, Ex-SOB's Speech, Washington, DC
  2/10/80 Lincoln Day Speech, Rushville, IL
  2/16/80 Illinois Jaycees, Peoria, IL
  2/21/80 Reserve Officers Association, Washington, DC
  3/03/80 Bureau County Lincoln Day Speech, Princeton, IL
  3/16/80 Bradley Town and Gown, Peoria, IL
  3/16/80 Reagan Introduction, Knox County Lincoln Day Dinner, Galesburg, IL
  3/28/80 Lincoln Day Dinner (Benedict), Morgantown, WV
  3/29/80 Lincoln Day Dinner, Springfield, MO
  4/07/80 Illinois Tool Works, Chicago, IL
  4/09/80 Peoria Gridiron Dinner, Peoria, IL
  4/22/80 University of Delaware Seminar, Wilmington, DE
  5/04/80 Pursell Fund Raiser, Ann Arbor, MI
  5/08/80 Carver Roast, Peoria, IL
  5/10/80 Illinois State Republican Convention, Peoria, IL
  6/05/80 Washington Saints and Sinners Rosty Roast, Washington, DC
  6/06/80 College of American Pathologists, Chicago, IL
  6/19/80 Roll Call (Sid Yudain Roast), Washington, DC
  6/23/80 American Health Care Association, Washington, DC
  7/16/80 Federation of Republican Women, Detroit, MI
  8/05/80 Lyons Township, Chicago, IL
  9/07/80 McLean County GOP, Bloomington, IL
  9/17/80 Forsythe Breakfast Fund Raiser, New Jersey
  9/20/80 Eulogy for Aldo Beckman, Arlington, VA
  9/26/80 Cal Hultman's District /IA 5 Fund Raiser, Indianola, IA
  10/03/80 Carroll Campbell Fund Raiser, Greenville, SC
  10/07/80 Dan Coats/IN 4 Fund Raiser, Fort Wayne, IN
  10/15/80 Jim Leach Fund Raiser, Iowa City, IA
  10/16/80 American Hospital Supply, Peoria, IL
  10/22/80 Congressman Bill Thomas Fund Raiser, Bakersfield, CA
  10/24/80 Peoria Rotary Club Speech, Peoria, IL
  11/17/80 Edison Electric Institute, Captiva Island FL
  12/08/80 Acceptance Speech - Leader, Washington, DC
  12/11/80 Republican Eagles, Washington, DC
1981 1/05/81 Introduction of the Speaker, Washington, DC
  1/20/81 Lincoln Day Speech (Robinson), Charlottesville, VA
  2/01/81 Securities Industry Association, Washington, DC
  2/03/81 Mexico-U.S. Trade Group, Washington, DC
  2/10/81 Bendix Corporation, Washington, DC
  2/13/81 Lincoln Day Speech (Porter), Evanston, IL
  2/26/81 Tobacco Institute, Marco Island, FL
  3/01/81 Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Boca Raton, FL
  3/04/81 American Insurance Association, Washington, DC
  3/06/81 Cicero Manufacturers, Cicero, IL
  3/09/81 Champion International, Stamford, CT
  3/11/81 Independent Petroleum Association of America, Washington, DC
  3/13/81 National Federation of Republican Women, Washington, DC
  3/19/81 Helen Bentley Fund Raiser, Hunt Valley, MD
  3/21/81 R. Regula, Lincoln Day Dinner, Wooster, OH
  3/23/81 Illinois Petroleum Marketers, Chicago, IL
  3/24/81 Independent Insurance Agents, Washington, DC
  3/27/81 Marriott Executives, Washington, DC
  4/03/81 Mexico-U.S. Trade Group, Washington, DC
  4/10/81 Events for Henson Moore, Baton Rouge, LA
  4/11/81 Badham Congressional Boosters Club, Costa Mesa, CA
  4/13/81 National Association of Broadcasters, Las Vegas, NV
  4/22/81 Peoria Gridiron Dinner, Peoria, IL
  4/30/81 General Foods, The Homestead, Hot Springs, VA
  5/01/81 Virginia Beach Fund Raiser (Whitehurst), Virginia Beach, VA
  5/04/81 American Academy of Political and Governmental Studies, Washington, DC
  5/08/81 Lake County Fund Raiser, Mendelein, IL
  5/09/81 Howard County Lincoln Day Dinner, Kokomo, IN
  5/18/81 American Council of Life Insurance, Washington, DC
  5/20/81 American Red Cross, Washington, DC
  6/01/81 Air Conditioning and Refrigeration Institute, Washington, DC
  6/01/81 CPC International, Englewood Cliffs, NJ
  6/03/81 Saints and Sinners, Washington, DC
  6/05/81 Small Business Advisory Committee Luncheon, Morton, IL
  6/23/81 Insurance Information Institute, Washington, DC
  6/26/81 Budget Reconciliation Remarks, House Floor, Washington, DC
  7/16/81 RNLL Candidates Dinner, Washington, DC
  7/21/81 National Press Club Congressional, Washington, DC
  8/18/81 FTD Florists Meeting, Las Vegas, NV
  9/10/81 Welcome of Prime Minister Begin (Israel), Washington, DC
  9/16/81 Presidential Committee on Executive Exchange, Washington, DC
  9/18/81 National Federation of Republican Women, Denver, CO
  9/18/81 Republican Leadership Council, Palm Springs, FL
  9/23/81 Republican National Committee Major Donor Club, Washington, DC
  9/28/81 Calvin Bullock Forum, New York, NY
  10/02/81 Sensenbrenner Fund Raiser, Milwaukee, WI
  10/12/81 American Meat Institute, Chicago, IL
  10/17/81 Republican Western States Conference, Coeur d'Alene, ID
  10/30/81 Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Chicago, IL
  11/06/81 Illinois Federation of Republican Women, Chicago, IL
  11/08/81 Hiller Fund Raiser, South Bend, IN
  12/05/81 McCollum Fund Raiser, Largo FL
  12/12/81 Stockman Introduction, Peoria, IL
1982 1/06/82 Allied Agencies Speech, Peoria, IL
  1/06/82 Sears, Roebuck & Co., Chicago, IL
  1/08/82 Food Marketing Institute, Doral Country Club, Miami, FL
  1/23/82 Outdoor Advertising Association of America, Palm Springs, CA
  1/28/82 Republican National Committee, Hilton Hotel, Washington, DC
  1/29/82 Society of the Plastics Industry, Washington, DC
  1/30/82 Caterpillar Tractor Co., Speech to Managers, Peoria, IL
  2/04/82 Remarks, Meeting with President Mubarak (Egypt)
  2/15/82 Knox County Republican Central Committee, Lincoln Day Dinner, Galesburg, IL
  2/18/82 Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  2/18/82 American Recreation Coalition
  2/19-20/82 Vero Beach Republican Party, Vero Beach, FL
  2/23/82 Vice President Bush's Visit to Peoria, Creve Coeur Club, Peoria, IL
  2/06/82 Macon County Republican Central Committee, Decatur, IL
  2/27/82 American Medical Association, Chicago, IL
  3/05/82 A. E. Staley PAC, Decatur, IL
  3/06/82 Illinois Association of Tobacco & Candy, Peoria, IL
  3/06/82 Congressman Corcoran Fund Raiser, St. Charles, IL
  3/08/82 Fulton County Fund Raiser, Canton, IL (18th)
  3/11/82 Republican Womens Federal Forum, Washington, DC
  3/16/82 American Business Conference, Washington, DC
  3/17/82 J. C. Penney, Washington, DC
  3/18/82 National Office Products Association, Washington, DC
  3/19/82 Trunk 'n Tusk Dinner, Phoenix, AZ
  3/20/82 American Bakers Association, Phoenix, AZ
  3/23/82 Stanford Sloan Program, U. S. Capitol
  3/24/82 Timmons & Company, Inc., International Club, Washington, DC
  4/16/82 Tribute to Charlie Halleck (with Bud Hillis), Kokomo, IN
  4/30/82 Matt Rinaldo Campaign Kickoff Dinner, West Orange, NJ
  5/05/82 Direct Mail Marketing, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  5/06/82 Sears, Roebuck, Ramada Renaissance, Washington, DC
  5/08/82 Midwest Solvents Dedication
  5/9-10/82 Michigan Republican Central Committee, Dow Chemical, Midland, MI
  5/16/82 Cleve Benedict Fund Raiser, Wheeling, WV
  6/03/82 State Senate Dinner, Regency Hyatt O'Hare, Chicago, IL
  6/04/82 National Consumer Finance Association, Hyatt Downtown, Chicago, IL
  6/05/82 Jacksonville Chamber of Commerce, MacMurray College, Jacksonville, IL
  6/14/82 Grocery Manufacturers Assn., Greenbrier, White Sulphur, WV
  6/15/82 Muskegon County Republican Dinner (Vanier Jag), Muskegon, MI
  6/17/82 SUNPAC Reception/Dinner, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  6/18/82 American Council for Capital Formation, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  6/21/82 Republican National Congressional Committee, Sheraton National, Arlington VA
  6/22/82 Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corporation, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  6/26/82 Vermillion County Fund Raiser (Dan Crane), Champaign/Danville, IL
  7/08/82 Judy Koehler Fund Raiser, Goodfield, IL
  7/18/82 Larry Winn Fund Raiser, Mission Hills, KS
  7/29/82 Congressional Awards Breakfast, Washington, DC
  7/31/82 Frank Horton Fund Raiser Picnic, Wayne County, NY
  9/03/82 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  9/09/82 American Dental Association, Rayburn HOB, Washington, DC
  9/09/82 Remarks for a Visit of Israeli Minister of Finance, Yoram Aridor
  9/13/82 Remarks for C-SPAN, 345 CHOB, Washington, DC
  9/15/82 Presidential Commission on Executive Exchange, H227 U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  9/15/82 Remarks to American League of Lobbyists, B354 RHOB, Washington, DC
    (Extemporaneous - no formal remarks)
  9/16/82 A. B. Laffer Associates, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  9/17/82 Grand Rapids, Michigan Celebration (Gerald R. Ford Museum), Grand Rapids
  9/21/82 John J. Rhodes Appreciation Dinner, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  10/13/82 Statement, Economic Regulatory Administration Conference, Peoria, IL
  12/01/82 Welcome Speech to New Members of 98th Congress, Hyatt Regency Washington, DC
  12/04/82 Michel Dinner in Statuary Hall of U. S. Capitol for Congress Elect
  12/06/82 Address to Republican Conference
1983 1/10/83 Pratt-Whitney Speech, Palm Beach, FL
  1/11/83 Distilled Spirits Council of U.S., Palm Beach, FL
  1/17/83 Outdoor Advertising, Palm Springs, CA
  1/26/83 Ernest Wittenberg Associates/Leadership Seminar, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  1/26/83 Grocery Manufacturers Assn., Four Seasons, Washington, DC
  1/27/83 The Fay Improvement Company, Washington, DC
  2/01/83 American Mining Congress, Washington, DC
  2/10/83 Business Council, International Club, Washington, DC
  2/11/83 Lincoln Day Remarks, Springfield, IL
  2/15/83 National Association of Water Companies, Hyatt, Washington, DC
  2/18/83 Illinois Municipal League, Peoria, IL
  2/19/83 Carthage Chamber of Commerce, Carthage, IL
  2/21/83 Washington Rotary, Washington, IL
  2/21/83 Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, Pekin, IL
  2/22/83 American Legion, Washington, DC
  2/25/83 International Paper, New York, NY
  2/25/83 Fiscal Policy Council, Rosslyn, VA
  3/03/83 Republican Party/Lincoln Day Reception, Chicago, IL
  3/04/83 Illinois Transportation/Construction Industry Dinner, Chicago, IL
  3/08/83 Chemical Manufacturers Association, Washington, DC
  3/10/83 Wyeth International Limited, Washington, DC
  3/16/83 Peoria Gridiron, Peoria, IL
  3/21/83 NRCC Leadership Council, Washington, DC
  4/10/83 Congregations Agudas Achim, Peoria, IL
  4/12/83 Henry Clay Society, Washington, DC
  4/20/83 Wittenberg Associates, Washington, DC
  5/02/83 Armo, Inc., Middleton, OH
  5/05/83 Congressman Bud Shuster, Blair Co. Republican Committee, Altoona, PA
  6/06/83 Owens-Corning Fiberglas, International Club, Washington, DC
  6/06/83 Dinner and Meeting with ABC Executives, New York, NY
  6/07/83 Graduation Ceremony, Republican Staffers Parliamentary Law Course, Washington, DC
  6/18/83 Twin Oaks Housing Project Ground Breaking, Decatur, IL
  6/18/83 Mike Tate Fund Raiser, Decatur, IL
  7/15/83 Franklin Discussion Group, Congressional Country Club, Washington, DC
  8/05/83 Potato Chip & Snack Food Association, Colorado Springs, CO
  8/18/83 Abbott Laboratories, Chicago, IL
  8/19/83 Farmland Industries Double Circle Cooperatives, Morton, IL
  9/11/83 Outdoor Advertising Association, Lake Tahoe, NV
  9/12/83 Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago, IL
  9/12/83 1st National Bank of Chicago, Chicago, IL
  9/13/83 National Towns & Townships, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  9/13/83 Lockheed Corporation, Washington, DC
  9/23/83 National Cable Television Association, Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  10/03/83 Jefferies & Co. Seminar, S205 Capitol Bldg., Washington, DC
  10/03/83 RKO General Executives (Wittenberg Associates), Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  10/10/83 National Lumber & Building Materials Dealers Assoc., The Pointe, Phoenix, AZ
  10/13/83 University Women, Peoria Branch, Peoria, IL
  10/14/83 Hon. Arlan Stangeland Fund Raiser, St. Cloud, MN
  10/16/83 American Israel Public Affairs Committee, RHM Fund Raiser, Chicago, IL
  10/17/83 Bob Michel Fund Raiser Breakfast (AIPAC), Standard Club, Chicago, IL
  10/21/83 Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Hyatt Regency, Chicago, IL
  10/27/83 Macon County Republican Central Committee Annual Fund Raiser, Decatur, IL
  11/4-7/83 Grenada and Barbados Trip
  11/07/83 Cong. Steve Gunderson Fund Raiser, LaCrosse, WI
  11/16/83 Remarks at JFK Memorial, Capitol Rotunda, Washington, DC
  12/12/83 Outdoor Advertising, Washington, DC
  12/27/83 Peoria Kiwanis Club, Peoria, IL
1984 1/09/84 Outdoor Advertising, Palm Springs, CA
  1/09/84 The Tobacco Institute, Palm Springs, CA
  1/25/84 Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc., Four Seasons, Washington, DC
  1/27/84 Ernest Wittenberg Associates, Inc., Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
  1/28/84 Alfalfa Club, Capital Hilton, Washington, DC
  2/01/84 American Hospital Association, Washington Hilton, Washington, DC
  2/07/84 Mortgage Bankers Association of America, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  2/10/84 Hon. Hal Rogers Fund Raiser, Somerset, KY
  2/16/84 Peoria/Tazewell Advisory Committee, Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, IL
  2/16/84 Hon. George O'Brien Fund Raiser, Aurora, IL
  2/17/84 Hon. Al McCandless Fund Raiser, Palm Springs, CA
  2/18/84 Hon. Duncan Hunter Fund Raiser, San Diego, CA
  2/22/84 Introduction of Secretary George Shultz, State Department, Peoria, IL
  2/26/84 Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Assn., Inc., Boca Raton, FL
  3/09/85 The Rudd, White and Blue Celebration (Rudd Fund Raiser), Phoenix, AZ
  3/14/84 Ernest Wittenberg Associates, Inc., Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  3/15/84 J. C. Penney 10th Manager-Coordinate Conference, L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC
  4/18/84 Peoria County Realtors, Peoria, IL
  4/26/84 Nabisco Brands, Inc., Parsippany, NJ
  5/02/84 Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp., Sheraton Carlton Hotel, Washington, DC
  5/03/84 U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  5/04/84 Congressman Cleve Benedict's Breakfast Fund Raiser, CHC, Washington, DC
  5/05/84 Congressman Bud Shuster Speech, Blair County Republican Center, Altoona PA
  5/15/84 Printing Industry, Washington, DC
  5/21/84 Republican Congressional Booster Club, New York, NY
  5/28/84 American Legion Post #100/VFW Post 9016, Washington, IL
  6/04/84 Commercial Law League of American, Metropolitan Club, Washington, DC
  6/08/84 Owens-Illinois, Inc, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  6/12/84 National Council of Farmer Cooperatives, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
  6/15/84 John Porter Fund Raiser Dinner, Lincolnshire, IL
  6/18/84 Insurance Information Institute, Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  6/19/84 National Republican Congressional Committee, Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC
  6/20/84 N.V. Chamber of Commerce (Sherry Boehlert's Constituents), Washington, DC
  6/22/84 National Association of Manufacturers, Williamsburg, VA
  6/30/84 East Peoria Centennial Speech, East Peoria, IL
  7/04/84 Fourth of July, Washington, IL
  7/07/84 Black GOP Leadership Club, Peoria, IL
  7/08/84 First Assembly of God, Peoria, IL
  7/10/84 McDonald's National Operators Advisory Board, Oak Brook, IL
  7/18/84 ASeries '84" Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Peoria, IL
  9/10/84 Cleve Benedict Fund Raiser Breakfast, Martinsburg, WV
  9/13/84 The Tobacco Institute, Washington, DC
  9/19/84 Republican Congressional Boosters Club, Hay Adams Hotel, Washington, DC
  9/20/84 Portrait Unveiling/Hon. Jamie Whitten, U. S. Capitol
  9/25/84 National Association of Hosiery Manufacturers, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  9/29/84 Central Illinois PAC, Tazewell County Republicans, Peoria, IL
  10/12/84 Illinois Bell Telephone, Chicago, IL
  10/12/84 Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Chicago, IL
  10/15/84 Tribute to Del Latta, Sandusky County Republican Committee, Fremont, OH
  10/18/84 Randy Patchett Fund Raiser, Marion, IL
  10/21/84 Hellenic Voters of America, Chicago, IL
  11/14-18/84 Fay Improvement Company, Palm Springs, CA
  11/27/84 American League of Lobbyists, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
  11/29/84 GOPAC Luncheon, Embassy Row Hotel, Washington, DC
  11/29/84 Freshman Leadership Dinner (NRCC), Washington, DC
  12/01/84 Freshman Republican Dinner, Statuary Hall, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  12/03/84 Republican Conference Acceptance Speech, Cannon Caucus, Washington, DC
  12/17/84 Dick Carver Roast, Peoria, IL
  12/18/84 Congressman John Kasich Fund Raiser, Columbus, OH
1985 1/03/85 Opening Remarks - Introducing The Speaker, House Floor, Washington, DC
  1/08/85 Outdoor Advertising Association, Palm Springs, CA
  1/08/85 The Tobacco Institute, Palm Springs, CA
  1/11/85 National Association of Broadcasters, Palm Springs, CA
  1/19/85 Memorial Service for John Byrnes, H227, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  1/28/85 Ernest Wittenberg Association, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
  1/31/85 Grocery Manufacturers Assn., Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  2/06/85 Congressional Awards, Washington, DC
  2/06/86 Mo Udall Portrait Unveiling, Washington, DC
  2/09/85 The Lincoln Club, Portland, Maine
  2/12/85 Lincoln Day Luncheon, Springfield, IL
  2/25/85 E. F. Hutton, New York, NY
  2/26/85 Introduction, Senator Dole's Trip to Peoria, Peoria, IL
  3/01/85 Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Boca Raton, FL
  3/06/85 Chemical Manufacturers Association, Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  3/08/85 Introduction of Major General John B. Conaway, Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  3/21/85 National Park Association, National Press Club, Washington, DC
  3/28/85 Hershey Foods Corp., Sheraton Grand, Washington, DC
  4/21/85 Tazewell County Dinner, East Peoria, IL
  4/29,30/85 Chamber of Commerce Fly-In, Washington, DC
  4/30/85 Independent Bankers Association, L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC
  5/01/85 Hon. Matt McHugh's Constituents, Rayburn House Office Building, Washington, DC
  5/01/85 Export-Import Bank, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  5/06/85 Mississippi/Ohio Businessmen & Women, (Lott/Oxley), Washington, DC
  5/09/85 Anti-Defamation League of B'nai B'rith (Horace R. Kornegay), Washington, DC
  5/21/85 Owens-Illinois/Forbes Magazine, Washington, DC
  5/22/85 Ernest Wittenberg Associates, Washington, DC
  5/24/85 Hon. Lynn Martin Fund Raiser, Rockford, IL
  5/25/85 Knights of Columbus, Peoria, IL
  5/26/85 Illinois College Commencement, Jacksonville, IL
  5/27/85 Peoria Memorial Association (Memorial Day Speech), Peoria, IL
  6/06/85 U. S. Sweetener Producers, Washington, DC
  6/29/85 Congressman Tom Coleman Birthday Dinner, Kansas City, MO
  6/29/85 East Peoria Freedomfest, Peoria, IL
  7/04/85 Havanna Festival, Havanna, IL
  7/11/85 Corn Refiners Association (Radio & Tape), Washington, DC
  7/13/85 DeKalb County Republican Central Committee, Annual Fund Raiser, DeKalb, IL
  7/19/85 Les Arends, House Floor, Washington, DC
  7/30/85 Ripon Society, Russell Senate Office Building, Washington, DC
  8/09/85 Peoria Rotary, Peoria, IL
  8/12/85 Grocery Manufacturers of America, Colorado Springs, CO
  8/20/85 Agricultural Conference, Peoria, IL
  8/28/85 Cong. Jan Meyers Fund Raiser, Kansas City, KS
  9/05/85 One Minute Introduction, Rev. Walter C. Kennedy, House Floor
  9/06/85 Air Products Political Alliance, Allentown, PA
  9/07/85 Eulogy for Judge Harold H. Velde, Peoria, IL
  9/09/85 Dow Chemical, Midland, MI
  9/13/85 American Cement Trade Alliance, National Press Building, Washington, DC
  9/15/85 Henderson County Fish Fry Speech, Delabar State Park, Oquawka, IL
  9/18/85 Bureau County Republican Fund Raiser, Princeton, IL
  9/27/85 Bradley University Remarks, Peoria, IL
  9/30/85 Ashland Oil Company, Washington, DC
  9/30/85 Miller Brewing Co., Milwaukee, WI
  10/14/85 Illinois Assn. Of Realtors, Peoria, IL
  10/17/85 A. B. Laffer Associates, Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC
  10/18/85 Cong. Frank Horton Fund Raiser, Seneca County Republican Club, Waterloo, NY
  10/23/85 Paine Weber, Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC
  10/25/85 New Trier Republican Organization Fund Raiser, Kenilworth, IL
  11/8-10/85 Expo, Peoria, IL
  11/16/85 Congressman Bill Emerson Fund Raiser, Cape Girardeau, MO
  12/02/85 Business Industry PAC (BIPAC), Dallas, TX
  12/02/85 Congressman Tom Leffler Fund Raiser, San Antonio, TX
  12/05/85 National Solid Waste Management, J. W. Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC
  12/16/85 Owens-Corning Fiberglas Management Group, Toledo, OH
1986 1/13/86 Tobacco Institute, Palm Springs, CA (Cancelled)
  1/16/86 Outdoor Advertising Assn. Of America, Palm Springs, CA
  1/21/86 NAAAID Asian Indian Political Action Committee, Washington, DC
  1/25/86 The Alfalfa Club, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  1/29/86 Washington Press Club, Sheraton-Washington, Washington, DC
  2/04/86 American Mining Congress, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
  2/06/86 Assn. Of Maximum Service Telecasters (MST), Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  2/11/86 Harris Rowe Testimonial, Jacksonville, IL
  2/12/86 Midwest Regional PAC Breakfast, Chicago, IL
  2/12/86 Sangamon County Lincoln Day Luncheon, Springfield, IL
  2/21/86 Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Inc., Boca Raton, FL
  3/03/86 Pratt Whitney, Hartford, CT
  3/07/86 Construction Products Manufacturers Council, Chicago, IL (Never Do Again)
  3/10/86 Dun's Business Month, Chicago, IL
  3/10/86 Senator Bob Dole's Campaign America Event, Washington, DC
  3/12/86 Timmons & Company, Washington, DC
  3/17/86 R. J. Reynolds Tobacco, Winston-Salem, NC
  3/20/86 The President's Dinner, Washington, DC (Didn't Do)
  4/04/86 Ralph's Supermarket (Food Marketing Institute), Compton, CA
  4/07/86 Society of American Florists PAC, Alexandria, VA
  4/14/86 American Medical Care & Review Association, Washington, DC
  4/14/86 Associated General Contractors of America, Washington, DC
  4/17/86 American Truckers Assn., Washington, DC
  4/23/86 Gridiron Dinner Remarks, Washington, DC
  5/07/86 Ernest Wittenberg, Washington, DC
  5/07/86 S. Perry Corporation, Washington, DC
  5/18/86 Illinois Wesleyan University Commencement, Bloomington, IL
  5/20/86 BATUS, Washington, DC
  5/21/86 Congressman Sil Conte's Constituents, Washington, DC
  5/21/86 American Society of Association Executives, Washington, DC
  5/21/86 President's Dinner, Washington, DC
  6/17/86 NRCC Candidate Workshop, Key Bridge Marriott, Washington, DC
  7/01/86 BOMA, National Advisory Council Luncheon, Chicago, IL
  7/16/86 Women in Government Relations, Washington, DC
  7/16/86 American Security Council, Washington, DC
  7/25/86 Knox County, TN Fund Raiser, Hon. John Duncan, Knoxville, TN
  7/28/86 Joe Canada (VA-2) Fund Raiser, Virginia Beach, VA
  8/01/86 Hon. Sonny Callahan Constituents, Washington, DC
  8/04/86 Sam McHard Fund Raiser, Chicago, IL
  9/09/86 Introduction of Vice President George Bush at Governor Thompson Fund Raiser, Peoria, IL
  9/10/86 American Business Conference, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  9/12/86 Equibank, Pittsburgh, PA
  9/12/86 Buckman for Congress Fund Raiser, Pittsburgh, PA
  9/13/86 Congressional Forum Fund Raiser for Four GOP Candidates, Chicago, IL
  9/15/86 Owens-Corning Fiberglas Corp., International Club, Washington, DC
  9/18/86 Arthur Anderson & Co. (Marketing Group), International Club, Washington, DC
  9/28/86 Champaign County Republican Central Committee, Champaign, IL
  10/01/86 Grocery Manufacturers of America, Inc., Sheraton Grand, Washington, DC
  10/01/86 Remarks on Speaker tip O'Neill, House Floor
  10/02/86 Philip Morris, Willard Hotel, Washington, DC
  12/08/86 Republican Conference Election Remarks, Longworth, H013
1987 1/07/87 Congressman Robert Badham, American Security Council, Washington, DC
  1/10/87 Outdoor Advertising Assn., Palm Springs, CA
  1/11/87 Brown & Williamson Tobacco Corp., Palm Springs, CA
  1/12/87 Tobacco Institute, Palm Springs, CA
  2/12/87 Lincoln Day Luncheon, Introduction of Vice President Bush, Springfield, IL
  2/16/87 Peoria County Republican Center Committee, President's Day, Peoria, IL
  2/21/87 Corning Glass Conference Public Policy Issues, Augusta, GA
  2/24/87 Creve Coeur Club Dinner (Bob Hope), Peoria, IL
  2/28/87 The Tobacco Institute, Naples, FL
  3/06/87 Cosmetic, Toiletry & Fragrance Association, Boca Raton, FL
  3/10/87 Chicago Tribune "Morning Briefing," Washington, DC
  3/11/87 Pillsbury Executives, Georgetown Club, Washington, DC
  3/12/87 Capitol Associates, Washington, DC
  3/17/87 Chemical Manufacturers Association, Madison Hotel, Washington, DC
  3/19/87 Soyland Ceremony, Department of Agriculture, Washington, DC
  3/19/87 American Bar Association, Chicago, IL
  3/21/87 Green County Republican Party, Cong. Gene Taylor Fund Raiser, Springfield, MO
  3/23/87 National Association of Retail Druggists, L'Enfant Plaza Hotel, Washington, DC
  3/25/87 American Business Conference, Sheraton Grand Hotel, Washington, DC
  3/26/87 Federal Hall, New York Conference, New York, NY
  4/04/87 Mike Oxley Lincoln Day Dinner Speech, Findlay, OH
  4/06/87 National Enquirer, S-207, U. S. Capitol
  4/07/87 Portrait Unveiling, Dante Fascell Foreign Affairs Center, Washington, DC
  4/29/87 President's Dinner, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC
  5/01/87 West Virginia Bar Association, Charleston, WV
  5/11/87 Grace Presbyterian Church, Peoria Civic Center, Peoria, IL
  5/12/87 Eureka College's Ron Reagan Scholars (H227), Washington, DC
  5/18/87 Bellsouth, Willard Hotel, Washington, DC
  5/19/87 Close-Up Students, Dirksen SOB, Washington, DC
  5/20/87 President's Commission on Executive Exchange, S-204, U. S. Capitol Building
  5/21/87 National Conference of Republican Women (Maureen Reagan) J. W. Marriott, Washington, DC
  5/23/87 Maple Lawns Home Ground-Breaking, Eureka, IL
  5/26/87 Dick Carver Roast, Peoria, IL
  5/26/87 6th Annual Sheriff's Roast, Expo Gardens, Peoria, IL
  5/27/87 Maryland Federation of Republican Women (Bentley Monella), Dirksen SOB
  6/09/87 Tribute to Bill Brock, Shoreham Hotel, Washington, DC
  6/11/87 Henry Clay Society, Georgetown Club, Washington, DC
  6/16/87 Robert F. Froehlke Farewell Dinner, Washington, DC
  6/16/87 Edison Electric Governmental Affairs Luncheon, Edison Electric Institute, Washington, DC
  6/18/87 Tom Ridge Fund Raiser, Erie, PA
  6/18/87 U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  6/23/87 Fay Improvement Company, Washington, DC
  6/24/87 Wednesdays with the House, Wittenberg Association
  6/25/87 Ribbon Cutting, Congressional Art Competition, CHOB, Washington, DC
  6/26/87 Westinghouse Electric Corporation, Defense Facility, Bachmore, MD
  6/29/87 R. J. Reynolds Industries, Inc./Nabisco, Washington, DC
  8/14/87 Blue Cross-Blue Shield of Illinois' Salute to Mel Price, Collinsville, IL
  8/24/87 Introduction of Judge Scalia, Peoria, IL
  9/01/87 Chicago Board of Trade, Chicago, IL
  9/01/87 Chicago Mercantile Exchange, Chicago, IL
  9/11/87 Dick Armey Appreciation Dinner (TX-26th), Dallas, TX
  9/12/87 Interlake Corporation, Washington, DC
  9/14/87 General Foods, Woodrow Wilson House, Washington, DC
  9/14/87 Aerospace Industries, Washington, DC
  9/18/87 Civics Class Speech, Decatur, IL
  9/23/87 Bell of Pennsylvania, CHC Washington, DC
  9/29/87 Floor Remarks Re: Debt Ceiling, House Floor, Washington, DC
  10/02/87 Hon. John Miller Fund Raiser, Seattle, WA
  10/03/87 Asian/Pacific Americans, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  10/07/87 Grocery Manufacturers of America (AMA), Washington, DC
  10/09/87 Pratt-Whitney, Hartford, CT
  10/16/87 Public Affairs Council PAC, Westin Hotel, Washington, DC
  10/29/87 Building Products Executive Conference, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  11/18/87 Celebration/Restored West Central Front of the U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  11/19/87 Touche Ross Company, Washington, DC
  11/28/97 U. S. Fidelity and Guaranty Co., Palm Springs, CA
1988 1/04/88 Chicago Research & Trading Group (CRT), Chicago, IL
  1/08/88 Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
  1/13/88 Tobacco Institute, Rancho Mirage, CA
  1/15/88 Outdoor Advertising, Rancho Mirage, CA
  1/24/88 National Broadcasting Corporation (NBC), Palm Springs, CA
  1/27/88 Fay Improvement Company, F Street Club, Washington, DC
  1/28/88 National Conference of State Legislatures, Washington, DC
  2/01/88 National Association of Casualty & Surety Agents, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  2/05/88 Hal Daub (NE-2) Speech, Omaha, NB
  2/12/88 National Radio, Springfield, IL
  2/12/88 Sangamon Co. Lincoln Day, Springfield, IL
  2/14/88 Schuyler Co. Lincoln Day, American Legion, IL
  2/15/88 Peoria Lincoln Day Speech, Peoria, IL
  2/19/88 Tazewell Co. Republican Dinner, Introduction of Senator Simpson, East Peoria, IL
  2/20/88 Henry County Lincoln Day, Geneseo, IL
  2/21/88 Harris Fawell (IL-13), Oak Brook, IL
  2/22/88 Dow-Corning Speech, Midland, MI
  2/23/88 Jamie L. Whitten Dinner, Washington, DC
  2/24/88 Introduction of Paul Volcker, Creve Coeur Club, Peoria, IL
  2/26/88 Jim Sensenbrenner Fund Raiser, Milwaukee, WI
  2/29/88 National Association of Business Economists, Washington, DC
  3/02/88 Annual House Republican Conference, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  3/08/88 U. S. League of Savings Institutions, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  3/09/88 Congress Goes to Hexagon, Duke Ellington Theatre, Washington, DC
  3/11/88 ARDC, Agricultural Research & Development Corp., Peoria, IL
  3/13/88 McDonough County Lincoln Day Dinner, Western Illinois University, IL
  3/14/88 Cass County Lincoln Day, VA Co. Club, IL
  3/16/88 '88 Humanitarian Award Variety Club, Washington, DC
  3/17/88 Headliners, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  3/18/88 Cubs Spring Training Seminar, Phoenix, AZ
  3/21/88 National American Wholesale Grocers Association, Chicago, IL
  3/23/88 Wednesdays with the House, Ernest Wittenberg, Washington, DC
  3/24-26/88 Congressional Institute Trip, Houston, TX
  4/12/88 International Management & Development Institute (IMDI), Watergate Hotel, Washington, DC
  4/12/88 National Ocean Industries Association (NOIA), Loews L'Enfant Plaza, Washington, DC
  4/14/88 Lt. Governor's Conference, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  4/18/88 National Association of Chain Drug Stores, Palm Beach, FL
  4/20/88 John W. McCormack Award of Excellence, Keith Mainland, U. S. Capitol Building, Washington, DC
  4/25/88 Sheet Metal/Air Conditioning Contractors Assn. (SMACNA), J.W. Marriott, Washington, DC
  4/26/88 Cosmetic, Toiletry, & Fragrance Assn. (CTFA), Arlington, VA
  5/01/88 U. S. Chamber of Commerce TV (Craig Findley Fly-In), Washington, DC
  5/09/88 National Assn. Of Home Builders, Washington, DC
  5/11/88 President's Dinner, Washington Convention Center, Washington, DC
  5/14/88 Illinois Life Underwriters Assn., Peoria, IL
  5/14/88 Wildlife Prairie Park 10th Anniversary, Peoria, IL
  5/15/88 Bellarmine College Commencement, Louisville, KY
  5/19/88 American Society of Assn. Executives (ASAE), Capitol Hill Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  5/24/88 Special Order on House Floor, U. S. House of Representatives
  5/24/88 American Meat Institute (AMI), Washington, DC
  5/25/88 Can Manufacturers Institute, Vista International Hotel, Washington, DC
  5/30/88 Memorial Day Services, Peoria, IL
  6/11/88 Remarks, Press Conference, Dinner, Bill Stewart, East Moline, IL
  6/13/88 Grocery Manufacturers Assn., Greenbrier, White Sulphur Springs, WV
  6/21/88 International Natural Gas Assn., Washington, DC
  6/26/88 Candidate's Workshop, Congressional Committee, Radisson Mark Plaza, VA
  7/02/88 Order of AHEPA, Peoria, IL
  7/11/88 International Paper Co., Purchase, NY
  7/14/88 National Association of Tobacco Distributors, Washington, DC
  7/16/88 Logan County Jaycees Dinner, Lincoln, IL
  7/19/88 Illinois Bell PAC, Chicago, IL
  8/07/88 Introduction of Fred Grandy, Hancock County BBQ
  8/17/88 Republican National Convention, New Orleans, LA
  9/08/88 Owens-Corning Fiberglas, Washington, DC
  9/09/88 Introduce Vice President Bush, Peoria, IL
  9/16/88 POW/MIA Recognition Day, Washington, DC
  9/22/88 Bill Stewart (IL-17) Fund Raiser, Washington, DC
  9/23/88 John Erlenborn Group, Washington, DC
  9/23/88 Introduction of Secretary Sam Pierce, Peoria, IL
  9/24/88 Dennis Hastert Fund Raiser, St. Charles, IL
  9/25/88 Dedication Methodist Medical Center, Peoria, IL
  9/28/88 Eulogy to Glenn Davis, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  9/29/88 Ceremony Honoring President Francois Mitterrand, French Revolution Bicentennial, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  10/18/88 Illinois Hospital Suppliers Panel Breakfast, Peoria, IL
  10/24/88 Opening Remarks, Michel/Stephens Forum, Peoria, IL
  10/26/88 Introduction of Bobby Knight, Peoria, IL
  11/16-19/88 Fay Improvement Company, Indian Wells, CA
  11/19/88 Tribute to Harry Caray, Celebrity Roast, Las Vegas, NV
  12/09/88 Hogan & Hartson (Laurie's Firm), Washington, DC
  12/05/88 House Salute for President Reagan, US Capitol, Washington, DC
  12/14/88 Hershey Speech, Hershey, PA
  12/30/88 Peoria Rotary, Pere Marquette Hotel, Peoria, IL
1989 1/03/89 Convening of 101st Congress, House Floor
  1/11/89 Tobacco Institute, Indian Wells, CA
  1/17/89 Dinner Honoring Frank Fahrenkopf, Washington, DC
  2/02/89 Bishop, Cook, Purcell & Reynolds Legislative Seminar (Laurie Michel's Firm), Washington, DC
  2/09/89 Understanding Congress, Library of Congress Conference, Washington, DC
  2/10/89 Congressman John Duncan Speech, Knoxville, TN
  2/18/89 Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, East Peoria, IL
  2/18/89 Numbers Game, OP ED Piece, Peoria, IL (Weekend)
  2/20/89 Peoria County President's Day Luncheon, Peoria, IL
  2/27/89 Bradley-Dirksen Center, Bradley University, Peoria, IL
  2/28/89 National Aggregates Association, Cannon Caucus Room, Washington, DC
  2/28/89 Introduction of Ann McLaughlin, Creve Coeur Dinner, Peoria, IL
  3/02/89 Bicentennial of U.S. Congress, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  3/08/89 Alliance of American Insurers, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  3/09/89 Republican Women's Federation Forum, Capitol Hill Club, (Corrine Michel)
  3/09/89 POW/MIA Ceremony, Rotunda, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  3/10-13/89 Chicago Cubs Spring Training Seminar, Phoenix, AZ
  3/13/89 Ameritech's Premiere "The Congress", Washington, DC
  3/14/89 Introduction of Dick Cheney, Senate Armed Services Committee, Washington, DC
  3/14/89 Remarks, Dirksen Center Reception, H-227 U. S. Capitol
  3/22/89 Remarks Honoring Dick Cheney, Washington, DC
  3/22/89 Introduction GOP Legislative Agenda, House GOP Conference
  4/04/89 First Day of Issue Ceremony for Stamp, Statuary Hall, U. S. Capitol
  4/07/89 McKinley Day Banquet, Canton, OH (Regula)
  4/14/89 Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Peoria, IL
  4/10/89 FTD Speech, Washington Court, Washington, DC
  4/14/89 200th Anniversary of Presidency, Lincoln Home Historic Site, Springfield, IL
  5/04/89 Peoria Gridiron, Peoria, IL
  5/10/89 North American Die Casters Association, Washington, DC
  5/10/89 Hill & Knowlton Investment Policy Forum, Washington, DC
  5/18/89 Capitol Legislative Services, Inc., Willard Hotel, Washington, DC
  5/23/89 Ford Motor Company, Park Hyatt Hotel, Washington, DC
  6/14/89 President's Dinner, Washington, DC
  6/17/89 Purple Heart Speech, Junction City Inn, Peoria, IL
  6/26/89 Parliamentary Law School Remarks, Washington, DC
  7/19/89 Reception Honoring Apollo 11 Crew, Capitol Hill
  7/19/89 National Coal Association, Washington, DC
  9/01/89 Dirksen Center Speech, Pekin, IL
  9/06/89 Larkin Smith (MS-5) Funeral, Mississippi
  9/07/89 Alexis deTocqueville Dinner, Washington, DC
  9/16/89 Menard County Speech, Illinois
  9/18/89 National Restaurant Association, Ramada Renaissance, Washington, DC
  9/25/89 Wine and Spirits Speech, Westin Hotel, Washington, DC
  9/28/89 Introduction of Jack Kemp, Peoria, IL
  10/04/89 Decatur House, Washington, DC
  10/07/89 Ray Becker Tribute, Easter Seals Tribute Dinner, Peoria, IL
  10/18/89 American Ireland Fund, Songs, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  10/20/89 Introduction of George Lindberg, Senate Judiciary Committee
  10/21/89 Larry Combest Remarks, Leadership for the 90's, Lubbock, TX
  10/31/89 Illinois Group Speech, CHC, Washington, DC
  11/03/89 Expo III, Peoria, IL
  11/06/89 Chemical Manufacturers Association, Washington, DC
  11/10/89 Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Chicago, IL
  11/15/89 Lech Walesa Dinner, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  11/20/89 National Rural Electric Cooperative Association, Washington, DC
  12/04/89 National Press Club, Washington, DC
  12/05/89 Presidential Tribute, RNCC, Washington, DC
  12/29/89 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
1990 3/28/90 Independent Insurance Agents, Washington, DC
  3/28/90 Introduction of Richard A. Austin, Confirmation as GSA Administrator, Washington, DC
  4/02/90 National Association of Truck Stop Operators, Washington, DC
  4/08/90 Schuyler County GOP Women's Dinner, Rushville, IL
  4/11/90 Dedication of Central Illinois Center for Treatment of Addiction, IL
  4/24/90 Associated General Contractors of America, Washington, DC
  5/08/90 Spiegel 125th Anniversary, New York, NY
  5/10/90 U. S. Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  5/10/90 National Retail Federation, New York, NY
  5/16/90 Hastert Rally Repealing Social Security, Washington, DC
  5/24/90 Congress Salutes Four Decades of American Military Heroism, Washington, DC
  6/04/90 Hon. Bill Paxon Fund Raiser, Buffalo, NY
  6/12/90 President's Dinner, Washington, DC
  6/12/90 League of Women Voters, Washington, DC
  6/14/90 Saints & Sinners Roast for Tom Foley, Washington, DC
  6/18/90 Grocery Manufacturers, Greenbrier, White Sulpher Springs WV
  6/27/90 American Association of Equipment Lessors, Washington, DC
  6/29/90 Air Transport Association, Washington, DC
  6/30/90 Macon County Fund Raiser, Decatur, IL
  7/11/90 National Association of Tobacco Distributors, Washington, DC
  8/31-9/3/90 Trip to Saudi Arabia, Bahrain and Egypt
  9/27/90 National Broiler Council, Washington, DC
  10/08/90 American Bakers Association, Washington, DC
  10/15/90 American Stock Exchange, Washington, DC
  10/30/90 NRCC Dinner, Arlington, VA
  11/14/90 Paul Fay Conference, Palm Springs, CA
  11/22/90 Trip to Saudi Arabia
  11/30/90 Leadership Orientation Lunch
  12/02/90 Leader's Dinner, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  12/03/90 Acceptance Speech/Leader Election, Capitol Hill, Washington, DC
  12/06/90 John McCormack Award to Tom Ward, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  12/28/90 Peoria Rotary Club, Peoria, IL
1991 1/08/91 Gold and Liebengood, Washington, DC
  1/29/91 Illinois Hospital Association, Ritz Carlton, Washington, DC
  1/30/91 FDR's Four Freedoms, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  1/30/91 Presentation of Awards, Washington Press Club Foundation, Washington, DC
  2/04/91 Republican Eagles, Washington, DC
  2/12/91 Lincoln Day Luncheon, Springfield, IL
  3/01/91 Hogan & Hartson, Hyatt Regency, Washington, DC
  2/13/91 Eulogy to Silvio Conte, Pittsfield, MA
  2/16/91 Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, East Peoria, IL
  2/18/91 Introduction of Bill Grays, Dirksen Center Leadership Forum, Pekin, IL
  2/22/91 Pinellas County GOP Lincoln Day Dinner, St. Petersburg, FL
  2/27/91 Eulogy to Silvo Conte, U. S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  3/05/91 Jewish Leaders, George Washington University, Washington, DC
  3/12/91 Madigan Introduction, Secretary of Agriculture, Agriculture Dept., Washington, DC
  3/14/91 GOP Princeton Retreat, Princeton, NJ
  3/17-18/91 Trip to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait (2 Folders)
  3/21/91 American Council for Capital Formation, Washington, DC
  4/04/91 Peoria Area Labor and Management Council, IL
  4/10/91 Aluminum Association, Capitol Hilton, Washington, DC
  4/12/91 Toby Roth Fund Raiser, Green Bay, WI
  4/14/91 Hancock-Henderson County, IL
  4/14/91 Children's Foundation Award Ceremony, Bloomington, IL
  4/15/91 Catawba County Lincoln Day Speech, Cass Ballenger, Hickory, NC
  4/20/91 Ros-Lehtinen Speech, Miami, FL
  4/22/91 Associated Specialty Contractors, Washington, DC
  4/25/91 Association of Independent Corrugated Converters, Washington, DC
  5/07/91 Los Angeles Chamber of Commerce, Capitol Hill Club, Washington, DC
  6/13/91 The President's Dinner, Washington, DC
  6/17/91 GOP Annual Dinner (Frank Horton), Monroe County, NY
  7/10/91 Unveiling of Portrait of Jim Wright, Washington, DC
  7/13/91 POW/MIA Families Ceremony, Rotunda, U. S. Capitol
  7/25/91 Summit County GOP Finance Dinner, Ralph Regula, Akron, Ohio
  9/11/91 National Coal Association, Washington, DC
  9/13/91 Cosmetic, Toiletry and Fragrance Association, Washington, DC
  9/19/91 1991 Chicago Congressional Weekend, Chicago, IL
  9/25/91 Tribute to Dante Fascell, Washington, DC
  9/26/91 Bryce Harlow Award to Senator Howard Baker, Washington, DC
  9/27/91 Peoria Tercentennial, Peoria, IL
  10/03/91 American Medical Association, J. W. Marriott, Washington, DC
  10/21/91 North American Hardware Convention, Sheraton-Washington, Washington, DC
  10/23/91 National Council of Chain Restaurants, Washington, DC
  10/23/91 Bipartisan Leadership Ceremony Honoring Vaclav Havel
  10/31/91 Republican Committee of Lancaster County (Walker), Strasburg, PA
  11/02/91 Expo Luncheon, Peoria, IL
  11/16-20/91 Trip to Saudi Arabia and Kuwait
1992 1/03/92 Rotary Club
  1/11/92 National Association of Broadcasters, Palm Springs, CA
  1/17/92 The Tobacco Institute, Palm Springs, CA
  1/22/92 National Association of Wholesale Distributors (NAW), Washington, DC
  1/24/92 Business Roundtable, Washington, DC
  1/29/92 Washington Press Club, Washington, DC
  2/01/92 Easter Seal Dinner, Peoria, IL
  2/11/92 Health Care Forum (U of I Nursing Alumni), Peoria, IL
  2/12-17/92 Lincoln Day Speeches (Main Text), Illinois
  2/12/92 Sangamon County Lincoln Luncheon, Springfield, IL
  2/12/92 Woodford County Lincoln Day Dinner, Metamora, IL
  2/14/92 Putnam County Lincoln Day Dinner, Magnolia, IL
  2/15/92 Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, East Peoria, IL
  2/17/92 Peoria County President's Day Luncheon, Peoria, IL
  2/19/92 Washington Day Banquet, Peoria, IL
  2/25/92 Anne Arundel County, MD Lincoln Day Dinner Speech, Washington, DC
  2/27/92 GOPAC Remarks, Washington, DC
  3/03/92 Chemical Manufacturers Association, Washington, DC
  3/06/92 World Affairs Conference (Cheney Introduction), Peoria, IL
  3/09/92 Home Builders Association, Washington, DC
  3/18/92 American Frozen Food Institute, Washington, DC
  3/31/92 Congressional Awards, Cannon HOB, DC
  4/02/92 Former Members Greeting, House Floor, DC
  4/06/92 Associated Specialty Contractors, Washington, DC
  4/09/92 American Ex-prisoners of War, Statuary Hall, U.S. Capitol, Washington, DC
  4/28/92 President's Dinner, Washington, DC
  5/01/92 Lake County Republican Federation, Lincolnshire, IL
  5/04/92 Remarks for Portrait, Statuary Hall, U. S. Capitol
  5/14/94 Gorbachev Greeting, Statuary Hall, U. S. Capitol
  5/16/92 McCrery Fund Raiser, Shreveport, LA
  5/16/92 Headliner Breakfast, CHC, Washington, DC
  5/25/92 Memorial Day Remarks, Washington, DC
  6/03/92 Chicago Board Options Exchange, Willard, Washington, DC
  6/17/92 Revelations from The Russian Archives, Library of Congress, Washington, DC
  6/26/92 Ramstad Fund Raiser, Minneapolis, MN
  7/06/92 Ethanol Rally, Peoria, IL
  7/12/92 Organization of Asian American, Springfield, IL
  8/18/92 '92 GOP Convention, Houston, TX
  8/29/92 Springfield Air Show, Springfield, IL
  10/08/92 Victory '92 Celebration, Grand Hyatt, Washington, DC
  10/17/92 Chautauqua Nature Trail Dedication, Illinois
  10/30/92 American College of Physicians, Peoria, IL
  11/11/92 Fay Improvement Company, Palm Springs, CA
1993 1993 Foreign Policy Insert (Never Delivered)
  1/12/93 CEO Remarks, Committee of 25, Palm Springs, CA
  1/14/93 Tobacco Institute, Palm Springs, CA
  1/25/93 Republican Women's Forum, Capitol Hill Club
  1/27/93 Dirksen Award Presentation, Washington Press Club
  1/28/93 American Fiber Manufacturers Association, Washington, DC
  1/30/93 Alfalfa Club, Washington, DC
  2/17/93 Bill Clinton's State of the Union--Michel Response
  2/18/93 New Members' Parliamentary Law Class, Washington, DC
  2/19/93 Lee County Ronald Reagan Day, Dixon, IL
  2/21/93 National Association of Home Builders, Las Vegas, NV
  3/08/93 Richard Cheney Introduction, Creve Coeur Club, Peoria, IL
  3/93 Desert Storm Notes and Speech
  3/21/93 AIPAC Speech, Washington, DC
  4/3-10/93 Trip to Ukraine and Russia (5 Folders)
  4/17/93 Illinois State Historical Society
  4/24/93 Five Minute Radio Talk
  4/26/93 RNC Clinton First 100 Days Press Conference, Washington, DC
  5/17/93 Chemical Manufacturers Association, Washington, DC
  5/19/93 MacMurray Commencement, Jacksonville, IL
  6/01/93 Salvation Army
  6/04/93 Rotary, Peoria, IL
  6/09/93 Gerald Ford's 80th Birthday, Statuary Hall, U. S. Capitol
  6/11/93 "Clinton and Congress," Marriott Hotel, Washington, DC
  6/25/93 Arlington County/Virginia GOP, Arlington, VA
  7/15/93 International Council of Cruse Lines, Washington, DC
  8/01/93 Dirksen Center Speech, "Congress in the Classroom," Peoria, IL
  8/03/93 Paul Henry Funeral, Grand Rapids, MI
  9/07/93 RNC Call In/Lamar Alexander TV Show
  9/12/93 Club Managers Association, Arlington, VA
  9/23/93 Phil Russell Fund Raiser, Alexandria, VA
  9/25/93 Jan Meyer's Fund Raiser, Kansas City, MO
  9/26/93 National Federation of Republican Women, Las Vegan, NV
  9/29/93 American Medical Association
  10/04/93 RHM Retirement Statement, Peoria, IL
  10/05/93 Cumberland County, PA, GOP Dinner, Carlisle, PA
  10/23/93 Second Capitol Cornerstone, 1851, US Capitol
  10/24/93 New Hampshire GOP State Dinner, Manchester, NH
  10/27/93 Health Care Program/Announcement--Clintons, Statuary Hall
  10/29/93 Ohio Trip for Oxley, Lima OH
  11/04/93 National Soft Drink Association
  11/30/93 Ashland Oil, Cincinnati, OH
  12/03/93 B. F. Goodrich, Henry, IL
  12/16/93 Michel Bridge Dedication, Peoria, IL
  12/18/93 Bradley University Commencement, Peoria, IL
1994 1994 National Press Club (Not Given)
  1/26/94 Dirksen Award Presentation, Washington Press Club, Washington, DC
  2/01/94 Chamber of Commerce, Washington, DC
  2/03/94 RNC Gala Leadership Breakfast, Washington, DC
  2/09/94 Aerospace Industries Association, Washington, DC
  2/12/94 Tazewell County Lincoln Day Dinner, Washington, IL
  2/28/94 Professional Insurance Agents, Arlington, VA
  3/01/94 VFW Dinner Honoring RHM, Washington, DC
  3/18/94 Illinois DAR Meeting, Peoria, IL
  4/13/94 Olympic Banquet, Washington, DC
  4/29/94 American Forests, Arbor Day, Arlington National Cemetery
  5/04/94 Bill Natcher Eulogy, U. S. Capitol
  5/14/94 Veterans Memorial Park, Peoria, IL
  5/17/94 Commercial Finance Association, Washington, DC
  5/18/94 Beer Institute, Mayflower Hotel, Washington, DC
  5/22/94 Augustana College Commencement, Rock Island, IL
  6/01/94 Republican Dinner, Washington, DC
  6/14/94 Welfare Reform Press Conference, U. S. Capitol
  6/15/94 American Institute for Public Service, Jefferson Award, Washington, DC
  7/28/94 Pat Hilling Funeral, Washington, DC
  8/94 Ben Gilman Remarks (Not Given)
  9/13/94 Y Group, Washington, DC
  9/16/94 Federal Correctional Institute, Pekin, IL
  9/20/94 Bradley University's Salute to RHM, Washington, DC
  9/21/94 Newspaper Association Board of Governors Dinner, Washington, DC
  9/27/94 Contract with America, U. S. Capitol
  9/29/94 U. S. Capitol Historical Society, U. S. Capitol
  9/30/94 Gala Tribute Dinner for Retiring GOP Members, Army & Navy Club, Arlington, VA
  10/06/94 Nelson Mandela Luncheon, U. S. Capitol
  10/13/94 Phil Crane Dinner, Kildeer, IL
  10/27/94 Frank Lucas Event, Oklahoma City, OK
  11/16/94 The Fay Improvement Company, Indian Wells, CA
  11/30/94 Cosmetic, Toiletry, Fragrance Association, New York, NY
  12/08/94 GOP Women's Federal Forum, Washington, DC
  12/12/94 Ed Madigan Eulogy, Lincoln, IL
1995 4/??/95 Gridiron Dinner, Peoria
2001 1/4/01 Eulogy to Bill Ayers, Arlington National Cemetery
INTERFILE 2/21/82 John Hensley Grade School, Washington, IL
  2/11/83 Jacksonville Open House
  2/11/83 Rural Electric Coops, Springfield
  2/18/83 Woodford County Lincoln Day Dinner, El Paso
  2/18/83 Illinois Municipal League
  2/19/83 Carthage Chamber of Commerce and LaMoine Valley Association
  2/21/83 Beverly Manor School/Rotary, Washington, IL
  2/21/83 Farm Bureau Network Interview
  2/21/83 Tazewell Co. Lincoln Day Dinner, Pekin
  3/28-4/4/83 Easter Recess Schedule
  3/28/83 IL Citizens for Family Life, Office Appointment
  3/28/83 Bill Rutherford, Office Appointment
  3/28/83 Railroad industry [Williamson], Office Appointment
  3/28/83 Phi Beta Lamba, Eureka College
  3/29/83 Meeting with Farmers, Hancock County
  3/29/83 United Parcel Service Meeting, Peoria
  3/31/83 Washington Senior Citizen’s Center, Washington, IL
  4/4/83 District Appearances
  7/7/83 American Hospital Supply, Peoria (?)
  7/8/83 County Chairmen, Havana
  7/9/83 Tazewell Co. Elected Officials, Pekin
  8/83 August Back-up
  8/20/83 Lebanese Dinner, Peoria
  8/23/83 Mid-State Foundation for Medical Care, Peoria
  9/4/83 Youth Farm Gym Dedication, Peoria
  2/11/84 Chamber of Commerce/ LaMoine valley Asso.
  2/14/84 Tremont High School
  2/14/84 Tazewell Co. Soil and Water Conservation District
  2/15/84 "Leadership," Dirksen Center
  3/18/84 "I Love America" Rally, Bayview Baptist Church
  3/20/84 North Pekin/Marquette Heights Schools
  4/14/84 Activation of Mash Unit, Peoria
  4/19/84 Dave Connor/ Ted Dahl, Office Appointment
  4/19/84 AARP, Office Appointments
  5/28/84 American Legion/VFW Parade, Washington, IL
  7/4/84 July 4 Events
  7/6/84 Bradley University
  7/7/84 Black GOP Leadership Club
  7/8/84 July 8 Events
  7/13/84 John Block BBQ, Spring Lake
  7/19/84 Ed Meister, Office Appointment
  8/7/84 Pekin Energy Company
  9/7/84 Jobs Conference, Peoria
  10/26/84 Jeane Kirkpatrick Visit, Jacksonville
  10/31/84 Crane for Congress Committee, Champaign, IL
  2/12/85 Lincoln Day Dinner, Springfield
  4/20/85 Congressional Art Show, Pekin
  4/21/85 Congressional Award Ceremony
  4/21/85 Tazewell Co. Dinner, East Peoria
  5/26/85 Illinois College Commencement, Jacksonville
  5/27/85 Peoria Memorial Asso. Parade
  6/29/85 East Peoria Festival
  7/4/85 West Peoria Parade
  7/4/85 Freedomfest, Havana
  7/5/85 Farm Bureau Meeting
  7/7/85 Cookout for Charity, Peoria
  8/3/85 Korean Delegation Visit, Peoria
  8/8/85 Medicare Meetings, Peoria
  8/18/85 Hancock County BBQ, Carthage
  8/24/85 "New American" Festival, Peoria
  8/27/85 Induction of Judge Richard Mills, Springfield
  9/3/85 Richwoods High School, Peoria
  9/22/85 German-American Schlachtfest, Hickory Grove
  10/85 Rushville Farmers
  10/27/85 October 27 Events
  2/10/86 Peoria/Tazewell Co. Advisory Comt. Mtg, Peoria
  2/15/86 Township Officials Spring Training Seminar
  2/26/86 Human Service Ctr Dedication, Peoria
  3/7/86 B’Hai Church Members, Office Appointments
  3/9/86 Morgan County Republican Women, Jacksonville
  3/9/86 Cass County Farm Bureau Award
  5/3/86 Congressional Art Show, Pekin
  5/16/86 Jeff Mays Fundraiser, Quincy
  5/17/86 AMKOR Ground breaking, Peoria
  5/17/86 Faith-Hope-Love Banquet, Peoria
  7/1/86 Chicago Reception
  7/9/86 Congressional Award Presentation
  7/14/86 Pheonix Club Breakfast, Peoria
  10/17/86 Pekin Memorial Hospital Dedication
  10/19/86 Army National Guard Reception
  10/19/86 Delavan Breakfast
  10/22/86 Colchester Visit
  10/22/86 Woodford County Mayor’s Association, El Paso
  10/23/86 Bradley University’s Fall Forums, Peoria
  10/26/86 October 26 Events, Peoria
  10/28/86 October 28 Events
  11/3/86 Bill Roberts’s Swearing-In, Springfield
  2/16/87 Hancock/McDonough Lincoln Day Banquet, Macomb
  5/23/87 Japanese Chamber Officials, Peoria
  5/23/87 Maple Lawn Homes, Eureka
  5/26/87 Sheriff’s Roast, Peoria
  8/24/84 Rededication of Federal Court House, Peoria