A Blueprint for Leadership

A Blueprint for Leadership: Office of the Republican Leader, April 16, 1993

This is a blueprint for House Republicans in the formulation, communication, and implementation of policy, for the 103rd Congress. We can no longer depend on or look to the White House for policy direction. The challenge of our new situation is to shape the Republican view of America, tell the American people what we believe in, and fully utilize our legislative skills to implement our vision.

We need a study guide for Republican action, a basic document outlining areas of policy responsibility, mechanisms for communication, and structures for implementation to which we can refer not just on one issue, but on all the challenges we face. This blueprint is just that — a document. It will not work by itself. It can become an integral part of -- and aid to — carrying out our duties only if we all are willing to make it work.

I. Coordination of Policy

Leadership Meetings (Tuesday 9:00 a.m.)

  • Preview Floor action for the week and finalize Republican strategy (include appropriate ranking Republican Members )
  • Discussion of legislative business on the Floor for the next two weeks, including a discussion of committee amendments and possible Rules Committee action.
  • Recommendations from Leader's Roundtable.
  • Discussion of political environment, including a report from the NRCC.
  • Reports from Policy and Research.

Theme Team (Tuesday 10:30 a.m.)

  • Coordinate One-Minutes for the week, hand out assignments.

Whip Meetings (Tuesday 11:15 a.m.)

  • Preview Floor action for the week, present strategy from Leadership meeting.
  • Discussion of Floor strategy, possible votes and whip checks.
  • Discussion of themes for the week.

Policy Committee Forum (Tuesday 1 :00 p.m.)

  • Hold open forums on resolutions presented to the Conference.
  • Hold open forums on future legislation, Task Force reports, public issues of the day.
  • Discussion of themes for the week.

Communications Advisory Group (Tuesday 4:30 p.m.)

  • Develop communications plan for short and long term issues.
  • Explore new communications venues.

Conference (Wednesday)

  • Consider resolutions from the Policy Committee.
  • Consider resolutions brought from the Leader or by petition.
  • Inform Members of legislative activity through the Digest, Bulletin Board, Boarding Pass, etc.

House Leaders Roundtable (Thursday 3 :00 p.m.)

  • Regular Discussion of Strategy and Tactics.
  • Discuss Administration and Congressional Majority activities/Republican response.
  • Discuss upcoming committee agendas/Republican response.
  • Report from Rankings on upcoming Floor action and Republican strategy.
  • Meetings/Breakfast with Leadership and Ranking Republicans.

Policy Committee Executive Session (Thursday 1:00 p.m.)

  • Policy Committee votes on Statement to be referred to Conference for action.

Senior Staff Meeting (Friday 9 :00 a .m.)

  • Discussion of legislative schedule for the upcoming week by committee staff.
  • Discussion of pending committee action for upcoming Floor action.

Legislative Assistants Briefing (Friday 10 a.m.)

  • Briefing by committee staff for LAs on legislative schedule for the upcoming week.

II. Profiles of Leadership Offices

  1. Leader's Office
  2. Whip's Office
  3. Republican Conference
    1. Vice-Chairman
    2. Secretary
  4. Republican Policy Committee
  5. Republican Research Committee
  6. National Republican Congressional Committee

    Press Secretary Briefing (Friday 11:00 a.m.)

    Leadership Staff Meeting (Monday 2:00 p.m.)

    Coordination of Floor Operations

    Coordination with NRCC

    Coordination with Senate Republicans

    Coalition Building

      • Brief member offices on upcoming legislation, schedule special guests and speakers.
      • Provide information on leadership activities, future legislative actions and related issues.
      • Serve as a forum for member office press activities, utilize resources of Republican Communications Association (RCA) and other offices.
      • Provide professional training and resources for member press secretaries.
      • Leadership Staff meet to discuss schedule for upcoming week.
      • Discussion of agenda for Leadership meeting.
      • Coordination of information flow and Floor activity.
      • Provide accurate and timely information to Members and offices.
      • Key floor votes will be tracked by Leadership and coordinated with the NRCC.
      • Joint House/Senate Leadership meetings.
      • Meet with outside experts on issues for issue development/support.
      • Joint House/Senate Ranking members meetings.
      • Develop and implement operation to enable the development of working legislative coalitions with the majority.
      • Meet with outside groups to coordinate support for Republican efforts.