The Republican Congress: A Manifesto for Change in the House of Representatives

Table of Contents


1. Bob Michel: "What I Would Do as Speaker of the House." pgs 1-3
2. Newt Gingrich: "The Vision of the Republican Congress." pgs 6-8
3. Terry Lewis: "Defense, The Peace dividend and the Deficit." pgs 9-12
4. Mickey Edwards: "Reforming the Way We Do Business in the House." pgs 13-14
5. Gerald Solomon: "A Working Committee System in the Republican House." pgs 15-18
6. Vin Weber: "Reforming the Welfare State Under a Republican Congress." pgs 19-20
7. Duncan Hunter: "National Security Under a Republican Congress." pgs 21-23
8 . Bill Archer: "The Economy Under a Republican Congress." pgs 24-32
9. Bill Gradison: "Bringing the Budget Under Control." pgs 33-35
10. Norman Lent: "A National Energy Strategy Under a Republican Congress." pgs 36-37
11. Bill McCollum: "Making Criminals Pay for Their Crimes." pgs 38-40
12. Bill Thomas: "Making Elections More Competitive: Campaign Reform Under a Republican Congress." pgs 41-49
13. Andy Ireland: "Easing the Burden: Small Business and a Republican Congress." pgs 50-56
14. Bill Goodling: "Education Reform Under a Republican Congress." pgs 57-63
15. Rod Chandler: "Health Care and a Republican Congress." pgs 64-67



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4. Summary of House Committee Reforms Proposed by the House Republican Conference.

5. Summary of Comparative Data on the House of Representatives.

6. Major Republican Crime Bill Proposals.

7. Remarks by General Colin Powell, Chairman of Joint Chiefs of Staff.

8. Department of Defense News Release, "DOD To Slow Pace of Modernization, Cut Strategic Nuclear Arsenal While Maintaining Essential Forces." January 29, 1991.